Anyone still waiting on Stretch goal box?

So i want to know if anyone is still waiting on their stretch goal box?

I have contacted the support 3 months ago and everytime i contact them they keep on telling that it will be shipped by the end of the month.

Its been like this for over 3 months.

I feel like this Joan Zhang that is answering me is not even checking the status of the shipment and keep on posting “It should be shipped this month”…

Am I alone in this situation?

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There are others. See latest update in #OMR-ANOUNCE:pimax-official. There still waiting on some to verify address as they need a min quality to ship them out?

Not sure why they would need a minimum quantity as they are shipping other orders. Maybe @PimaxQuorra can clarify what that means in the update.


Because the courier service provider requires us to have the minimum shipping order for the backer box.

By the way, @SlickRick could you please provide us the backer number? We would like to take a look at the status, and check whether it’s on the upcoming shipment list.


@PimaxQuorra, my backer number is 4819.

Please note that initially I wanted to have the 150$ refund for the stretch goal but been told that I did not verify my address in time, which is not true since I did the steps requested at the time I received the email to do so. Anyways, to avoid to much hassle I decided to get the stretch goal because I knew that its always hard to get understood by pimax… well at least I thought this would be the simple way…

See the BS reason that have been provided to me by “Apple” yesterday:

Due to the epidemic, there is a greater risk of foreign shipments.We hereby propose to return you $60 in cash instead of the delivery extension package. Is that OK with you?

If you accept, please kindly provide us with your Paypal account.

Looking forward to your reply and confirmation.

Best regards,

We all understand that this is some real made up reason right? I have no problem whatsoever getting anything shipped even from china and as a business owner I also have no problem getting anything shipped to my customers… (and I do have some Chinese customers)

My support ticket is #9711.

Thank you…


So why not include it with other products that are shipping regularly?

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I’m still waiting for my base station which they forget to include in my backer box… Its been a long time…

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thats bad! i hope you dont receive it when the HMD becomes obsolete and have a never version available :confused:

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We have forwarded your backer number to the logistic team, they are now arranging the shipment tho.
Will update you once we receive the tracking number.



Sorry for the inconvenience sir, could you please provide the backer number or any ticket # regarding the missing base station?


I have created another new ticket few days ago. I believe they are working on it.


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