Anyone got tracking number yet from Batch 3?

Batch 3 was shipped out Nov 28. And it has been 10 business day now. According to Dallas’ estimation, it should have arrived at warehouse by now. So we are expecting to see people reporting the receiving of their tracking number for the next 2-3 days.

Well, even Batch 2 people are struggling to get tracking numbers. Some units just showed up. Pimax is not exactly doing a stellar job there… either.

Batches ship to local distribution centers first including customs. You can’t get a shipping no before a local guy processed individual shipping.

We hope to get tracking numbers next week … maybe monday. :thinking:

im not looking forward the the customs charges %25 plus £10 handling free

That’s nothing! If I’m unlucky I will get 20 % of pledge and shipping + 20$ handling fees. So I expect maybe 200 usd…

so far for US backer, havent heard news about getting taxed.

Backer 263 and 343 has received their headset before get a tracking number. I assume they are from batch 3? #263 is from UK. Not sure about 343? Canadian is here waiting anxiously lol

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backer 512 got their headset too

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also UK backer?


512 is canada

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update, #512 is 8K and got DHL tracking that says deliver in 5 days

i’m 333
I received a Chronopost(French) tracking number yesterday (15/12/2018)
I think it’s the Pimax because I did not order recently
reception expected Monday 17/12/2018

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I got my headset yesterday and the tracking number today

Backer 263, UK and delivered by DPD to Essex

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did you get the 5k or the 8k,and can you give your impressions please

Just got a tracking number through from pimax for my 5k+.
Backer number 594.
I’m in the UK & parcel is at a local depot 10 miles away. I guess it will be arriving tomorrow.
Got my fingers crossed for receiving a 5k+ with no faults.

I think my number would have been in batch 4 or possibly 5 which was apparently a new shipping method being tested.
& UK is the shipments first stop

I (Backer 381) just received (16.12.2018) my tracking number from Pimax for my 8k

276 here also just revived my tracking number.

Was it via email by pimaxsupport, or via the shippiong company?