Anyone else have this problem?

Watch video:
Second video.mp4 - Google Drive

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I haven’t xp that myself. But have seen otyers post about having 1 screen blank.

I think there might be a setting in pitool or one of the json setting files in the pitool directories that you can change screen saver option maybe.

Not sure if that will help or not.

The team is on CNY festival atm. But would suggest filing a ticket.

@PimaxUSA may have some ideas on possible cause and fix maybe.

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This is the headset itself. You can tell because when the screens cut out all other functionality is still intact and very briefly you can see the results of a voltage drop to the panels. I would say 99% chance this is a defective device that needs to be replaced and it is unrelated to your pc or setup.

There is a small chance this is a power drop out due to your USB port dropping power related to a power save feature engaging. Just make sure your pc is set to performance mode (or ultimate performance mode in windows 11) but I’m almost certain that is not the issue.


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