Anyone bought Pimax BE edition?

There seems to be a Pimax BE edition which is different than Pimax 4k. Anyone tried it before?

Where did you see this version. Please post a link.


Business Edition, eh? What’s so “Business” about it?

Looks the same to me as far as specs go. Just a different logo.

Except it has most of what we’ve been asking for.

OLED display 85 to 150Hz

Not 4K Just 2K so high fps is possible.

Looks good to me.

Missed that, it does look promising, indeed.

Let’s wait for reviews.

Appears to only be available for China Business Partners.

Guess the expectation is to have your own tracking solution.

They speak of pCARS/Assetto Corsa, etc but it feels odd to lean in a vehicle & have no visual result.

Shame we got no warning/heads-up about this on “this” forum.

I agree. Why they didn’t promote it here. Available for international purchase on mar 25. Probably worried ppl new would return 4k model to get be edition.

I would be curious what makes this one robust other than the change in face foam. Lol

Slightly better per eye resolution.
12801440(Pimax be) vs 10801200(vive/oculus)
Potentially better refresh 75hz tob150hz.

No info atm on pixel density & would have less fov compared to oculus/vive (same as 4k model)
Display shld be btighter with oled

Not 1280 x 1440. 2560 x 1440.

But no mention of focus adjustment. That is disappointing.

Seems their offering this as a platform for developers.

I would say that it will be available to buy internationally soon. Otherwise what the point of anyone developing with it?

Per Eye luke is correct. 2560x1440 is total resolution. In which case oculus/vive is 2160x1200.

Ues tho physical improvements are minimal. Change foam & display panel. Added hotwheels flame to pimax logo.

I just sent a Skype request to Pimax asking if Pimax BE is available for us to purchase (if we want to).
I should get a response in a day or so.

I’ll let you know what they say.

Check this out :heart_eyes:

Those simulater seats are awesome indeed. :heart_eyes: