Anyone bought or tried a Windows VR headset?

Just wondering?.. Tempted to get one… Until pimax goes on sale again

Yes, I bought two sets of the HP WMR headsets, one for my daughter and one for myself. They’re a fine stopgap until our Pimax 8k’s are finished and in the mail. Right now in the U.S. on Amazon you can get them with controllers for around $200. If you don’t already have a VR set, I can definitely recommend you get a set to tide you over. A great thing about them is that even once we have our Pimax headsets, these will make for a great portable VR solution.


yes, got a rift too so could try and see difference.
i got the Dell Visor a week ago to see if he had better picture than my Rift but that is not the case.
I did chose the Dell because of the 6 dof and the good reviews
Headset is confortable enough but does not come with headphones or mic and same for all MR headsets a part for Odyssey ( and Pimax 4k but not 6 dof)
Also found the Sweet spot smaller on the Dell and tried the Lenovo explorer too (was even smaller)
I prefer to keep the Rift until i get my Pimax or can get my hand on a Samsung, but as a first headset i think windows MR are good, didn’t had any issue with tracking or instal

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Anywhere that sells the Samsung and ships to the UK?

I have a Samsung Odyssey, and it’s very nice. Highest Resolution and slightly larger FOV than others. It’s pretty much what I had with my Pimax BE (same resolution oled screen) and NOLO, until I broke the Pimax BE. It’s pricey too, but I had to have one I could pick up immediately from the local MS store and work right out of the box. Best HMD with controllers included out there now in many’s opinions. I’ll repeat, it’s exactly what I had with the Pimax BE and Nolo, but a little better tracking setup, and more expensive. Little more screendoor as compared to regular 4k, but not distracting. I will probably sell the Samsung when the 8K arrives. The lenovo is said to have a greats screen but no controllers, Less than half the price now.


I have a deepoon E3, I really like the picture quality and the comfort (once you remove the built in velcro foam at the back)… I really miss 360 room scale though :frowning: which my vive had.

I sold my vive and left with the E3 with no tracking… Tried kinect with Driver4vr, absolutely terrible!!!

Is it worth buying nolo?

I’m gutted as deepoon E3 is great, but doesn’t seem any way to add room scale

No, don’t buy Nolo. It is awful, not playable for the most of the games. Very shaky and unstable.

Did you play DCS with your E3 ?

Anyone own samsung?.. Vr hdm

I do not have the same experience with my Nolo. It works very well for me.

As I said above. I have one. I can highly recommend it. Go for it you won’t regret it. The fact that you don’t need a base station for the controllers makes it much more user friendly, and tracking is still amazing. The only thing I would want other than this is what Pimax 8k promises to deliver.

I have the Samsung VR HMD… so far I like it. I’m looking forward to comparing it the Pimax 8K when it arrives.

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Lenovo explorer is good but you need to replace the thick padding with something thinner to increase FOV and sweetspot

My Lenovo Explorer should arive in next one or two weeks, can share my expierience then.

Have a Nolo, and it doesn´t work for me well. Pimax 4k drifts kills the tracking, Nolo´s drift adds more problems, right controller doesn´t know what stay in one place means, go´s banana and jumps araound everywhere which makes it useless, it literally jumps 20m up in the height which made the most awkward drawing expierince ever.

I´m done. I want an HMD which doesn´t kill the immersion, hope Lenovo delivers.

Any sites that will ship oddesey to the UK?

@Primax147 i saw some on Ebay but can’t really say if reliable.
Comes around 500 box with delivery.Thinking in Selling my Cv1 and Dell Visor to get one

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Noticed on ebay but prefer a well known website for warranty reasons incase I have to ship back


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I have a Samsung Odyssey, Oculus Rift, had a Lenovo explorer, and have tested the V3 Pimax prototype and Vive. Out of the headsets out, I like the overall package of the Rift the best with its combination of polished software, technologies to maintain a smooth framerate, and excellent controllers and tracking. That said, for $200, the MR headsets are definitely work looking into. The Odyssey is certainly the best of the bunch, but I don’t think it’s worth the extra $200+ over what the HP or Lenovo are going for right now. The controllers aren’t nearly as good as the Rift, and games run with a good bit more performance issues even with a high powered card (1070/1080) but they are easier to set up and transport with the inside out tracking. Even the Odyssey, although it’s the highest resolution of the headsets out so far, still wasn’t near the Pimax in reducing SDE so I’m still hoping Pimax can solve their software issues and get the hardware finalized soon. For a stopgap though, I can definitely recommend a $200 MR headset or if you get a good deal on one, the Oculus Rift.


Amazing post!! Thanks :slight_smile:

Btw, guys! Do you think Samsung will release Odyssey 2 later this year with these spanking displays they showed last summer?