Anyone actually has an 8KX and wants to make an easy 50 bucks?

I’m building a VR app and want to make it 8KX ready, but need some feedback first. Easy 50$ CAD. You have to actually have an 8KX in your possession and be willing to take a screenshot or two. Should only take a few minutes of your time. Reach out to me via PM.

Stay safe everyone! And happy gaming.


A screenshot you say… Thats an interesting request


Just PM’d ya man… lemme know what you are looking for! []-)


do let me know too. Cause a screenshot…?

I’m adding support for the Pimax to my custom VR desktop streaming compositor and will give 50 USD to the first person to send me a valid EDID. Message me for details. The offer still stands. This is for interoperability purposes and is thus 100% legal and fair use under copyright.

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Vrgamerdude has one of the CES X’s and should be able to help you.


I tried actually but for some reason we can’t get it to show in CRU… Also tried another utility and it didn’t show in that one either so wondering if this is hidden somehow?

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Same here. Nothing that could plausibly be a Pimax headset EDID is showing up, and yes, I am using Administrator mode.

My understanding is direct mode VR headsets require their EDIDs to be known by GPU drivers. So presumably NVIDIA themselves would have to know the EDID, and deliberately filter it out?

Perhaps @Sean.Huang could provide this info. I remember reading a post a long time ago that the 5/8K headsets do not provide a direct mode, so that might be the issue.

Indeed, EDID is how direct mode is implemented, both for Nvidia and for Microsoft mixed reality tech (using different APIs but the way Nvidia drivers and/or Windows know not to treat the displays as regular monitors, but custom VR displays, is via EDID or DisplayID 2.0 whitelisting or, in Microsoft’s case, special sections in the EDID saying “I’m a VR display, don’t show me on the Windows desktop”).

My thoughts on this is that EDID viewers can’t see DisplayID 2.0 (which is more appropriate for ultra high bandwidth like Pimax 8KX), or perhaps you can’t see the displays in this viewer until EDID is off.

Even if Pimax 8KX wasn’t using direct mode (highly doubtful), it’s still a display connected to the graphics card, and EDID is mandatory, basically. Even old VGA monitors send EDID. Either way, direct mode or not, EDID should be present. My guess is that the USB connection tells the displays to turn on, which in turn triggers the EDID signal to be sent.

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If the EDID mechanism used by the 8kX works anything like conventional desktop monitors, it is a small memory chip connected by SPI, and powered by the graphics card (not USB). This is why monitors appear to remain attached to computers even when unpowered. Also the reason headless ghost devices work - they just provide the memory chip to fake a display.

I would expect any filtering of the EDID away from software to capture it is happening in the graphics drivers that handle direct mode.

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