Any way to roll back the firmware

Not running well with pitools 1.109, reverted to 1.91 but it seems to not be compatible with the new firmware update - can’t find headset error.

I havent tried it yet but guess you can be the first.

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Thanks, I will try that out.

Actually went back to 1.109 and tried NVIDIA 418.91 instead of the newest. Everything is running great, except for the one game I tried before (Onward). Seems Onward had a patch today and I think it is the problem.

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Im rolling back to .95. It made the resolution worse in iRacing blurrying everything, and generally worse. I have the newest nvidia drivers and all.

Rolling back from 109?

yup i went from 109 back to .95.

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Damn - I was going to be upgrading to 109 this weekend. Not so sure now. Seeing a fair amount of issues from people on 109.