Any way to get a refund other than filing a PayPal dispute? Order P123731

First of all, my request here again:
Please, cancel my order P123731.

11 days ago, on 12th of February I ordered a 5K BE but it turned to be a mistake. Soon I concluded the 5K+ due to less SDE would be a better choice and I decided to switch over.

On the same day I sent an email to and also made a ticket on the Pimax support page asking for a refund so I could place a new order.

On 15th of February I got an email reply asking me if I want to cancel all the items or just the headset, offering me to keep the order # for the new purchase. I replied that I wish to cancel the entire order, so that I’ll make a new one later (with the money back on PayPal account).

I was waiting till 21st of February and after there was still no cancellation and no refund, I wrote them again.
Mere two minutes later I got an automated email (entirely new, not formulated as a reply) stating:

“Dear Customer,
Thank you for contacting us for support.
We have received your request and will try to get back as soon as possible!”

What? It’s very off-putting to see that the first correspondence was forgotten, ignored or simply deleted. Automatic answer is not what I expected after somebody formulated an actual reply before already.

So what are my options here?
It’s been 11 days and I think I’ve been patient enough already. Originally I really wanted to make a new purchase afterwards but now I’m not so sure anymore. In the entire 15+ years I’ve been buying stuff online, I’ve never ever, come across a company that was so unprofessional with something simple and clear as a refund. At this point I wonder what kind of incompetence this company will bring forward with actually complicated issues.

I’ll give them time till 26th of February - full two weeks after asking for refund. After that I’ll open up a PayPal dispute and will NOT order a 5K+ or anything from Pimax in the future, EVER again. I’m just extremely disappointed.

So in case somebody from Pimax is reading this:
Please, cancel my order P123731.

Thank you

I asked them recently to cancel my 5k BE preorder as it looks like it’s still long way off. I sent email to preorder and pimax usa. Took a few days but was processed fine. In mean time I found a good deal on ebay for 5k+, arrived today, enjoying it immensely despite setup problems.

Same as your case. My order no. is P122855. Dallas commented that: Are you still willing to change your 5K BE to 5K Plus ?I need to confirm again.
We can change your Pimax 5K BE to 5K Plus and refund the difference
We will email every backer to confrim the information before shipping and you can ask refund at that time.
Waiting for your respond and Have a good day!

At 16.01.2019
An email from Pimax :
Pimax Service

We will final confirm with you later at the end of this month and refund the difference of the price for you.

But up to new…Nothing…Nothing…Nothing…!!!

I too got the same reply. They wanted to confirm if I wanted to keep the 5K be or switch to the 5K Plus.

I told them I wanted to switch to the 5K Plus and they said that at the time of the shipment they’ll refund me the difference and ship me the 5K Plus.

Still waiting for the refund or shipment. I keep seeing that there’s a spreadsheet that lets you know when your headset will be shipped. Where is it?