Any way to download the current firmware from headset?

I would like to save the current firmware before updating to new one.


I find in inconvenient to look for the right PiTool version that distributes a specific firmware and then uninstall current and install the specific version just to have the firmware again.

Moreover, I found that Artisan Firmware was different from any Firmware distributed so far with PiTool versions and the firmware distributed with PiTool 264 broke my Artisan.

Is there a tool that can download the Firmware from the Pimax Headsets?


Your current fw is under C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime\dfudriver at least I think it is there the old fw is saved.

you mean it safes the old firmware in that folder before updating the new one? i was not aware that it safes anything before update. Are you sure about this?

Old should be saved but dont rember exactly were.

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It would take sometime to find. But I believe @IG88 posted how to find where ET software was dowmloaded from in a log file.

Pimax moved Firmware to the cloud. Based on headset model(no longer harmonized in one firmware; with 8kX said to have larger internal storage) pitool checks for a firmware update.

Alternatively @playa has posted his collection of pimax software and firmwares with notes on compatibility.

If Firmware has been posted he has added it. Alternatively if you do have a firmware version he doesn’t let hin know and he will add it.

Check #Pimax-pitool:Pitool-Notes have added his link at bottom of Pitools & Firmware topic.

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if you press the check firmware button in pitool or when it checks itself you should find it in pitool.log


on 7th of december i had this for my 5k+
(together with the latest pitool is enabled backlight changes)
the log classified my 5k+ as P2C, as there is no documentation about hardware revisions and firmware it should be handled with care of what is uploaded the the headset, there is still the dfu mode to recover from bad flashes but there is no guarantee that a wrong firmware will not harm internal components of the headset


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