Any video or review of high-action games?

Hi, anyone have a link to a video or review of Pimax 8k with high action/framerate games? I’ve seen several with fruit ninja and the deep blu experience but haven’t seen any yet with games like Arizona sunshine, space pirate, etc.

That’s what we all want

Yep, we need to see something more. The clock is ticking…

I agree we need some better games playing on a decent desktop setup. This laptop with the same games is getting old to hear about.

Not only more demanding games should be shown, but also some direct feed video from the games running… I mean, I don’t want to see more shaky cell phone videos filmed through a lens or people wearing the headset. I think by the time it gets a little… curious… I think it can’t be that difficult or time consuming doing a 5 minute direct feed video of Pcars2 or FSX. At least if you have the fitting DP cable…

Your right through the lens videos are Like watching UFO videos. Doesnt prove anything

Yep, this is the kicker. I really want to keep my pledge going and am pretty excited for the 8k, but if the day before the KS closes we’ve only seen TheBlu & Fruit Ninja I’m afraid it’s no bueno and I’m out.

Direct feed video is not indicative of what a person actually sees through lens.

They need a camera inside the eye socket of a foam head for through lens.

This HMD should have had a desktop demo from day 1.

You‘re right that it doesn’t shows the view through the lenses, BUT it shows how well (or not) the games perform…! There is no proof til today, that Pcars, Assetto Corsa or FSX and other serious simulators run fluidly on the Pimax…

Remember that if you play Steam VR at 2.0 Supersampling, you are playing the game at a rendered resolution of 2263x1901 per eye. A 1080 ti is able to handle most games at 1.5 super sampling, and whatever you do run will be upscaled by the HMD to 3640x2160 internally (if you have the basic 8k)

I can run dirt rally at descent frame rate in VR with super sampling, and I only have a 3gb 1060