Any thoughts of likelihood of Vorpx working with 5K/8K?

Haven’t read anything on this so thought ask!

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Ask VoodooDE to try it , He’s always using it

@VoodooDE Have you checked VorpX with 5k/8k HMD’s?


yes I tried VorpX with the Pimax headsets. Will be a part of my review/benchmarks.


That will be available in english for all backers to take part of?

That will have English subtitles afaik

I hope that doesn’t mean some form of auto translated nonsense.

I made manual english subtitles for you guys. That was 24 hours of work time over several days for me. So I hope you will appreciate this, I’ve never dont this before on my videos, because its so much work!
So no stupid auto subtitles! Everything is made manual and will exactly fit what I say in german :slight_smile:


Thanks man. we appreciate it

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Yeah that is very much appreciated for us English speaking dummkopf :grinning:

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thanks, I own vorpX myself and was planning to play games exclusevly in it with the pimax 8K until the knuckles cotnrollers come out.

do you run games in 16:9 mode, do have you have set the FOV to 180, as with 110 degree headsets you ran games ideally in 8:9 with a fov of 120 set in-game.

Calling it now, unless brainwarp is fundamentally working and enhanced to work with the source non vr game running through vorpX, performance will be not good.

That’s awesome! Much appreciated. :+1: