Any method to operate Pimax in full 4K resolution?

I mainly use Pimax as a virtual home theater with the virtual desktop app, but i’m not sure if my Pimax is running in full 4k resolution.

In the instruction 3.2, it says “check resolution and make sure it is in Extend mode”. I guess that means its resolution should appear as 4k in the advanced display settings. However, mine is fixed to 1920x1080 and never can be changed neither from windows display setting nor nvidia control panel.

I think that means my windows and apps think Pimax is 2k display and send 2k image and what i’m seeing is just upscaled 4k image. I’m sure it’s true for extended mod, although not sure for Pimax mode because i can’t check the resolution of separated Pimax in that mode.

So, does my windows and app operate with the resolution shown in advanced display setting? Both for Extend mode and Pimax mode?
If it is so, is there any way to confidently check and set the resolution that my windows or app operate on?
Some people say something like “Pimax supports 4k 30Hz”, but i never see any menu for setting such thing.

They are using an IGZO 4K LCD panel to eliminate the SDE, but it only runs software at 1080p because of bandwidth limits of the HDMI 1.4b on the headset.

Im hoping the engineers are working on a way to get native 4k working. It sucks to have such a good panel, and not be able to use it fully

Thanks. I was wondering if I’m the only one who cannot change the resolution. So, 4k is officially not supported now.
I hope the engineers can work it out soon

I posted a custom resolution tool in another thread that might let us force a higher resolution on the Pimax. I dont have the HMD, so I can’t test it.