Any idea when strech goal rewards are availible

Wondering when the stretch goal rewards are to be sent ?

its been a fare while now without a backer bonus ? surly its all been made by now ?

They are delaying as long as possible hoping more people will take their “upgrade discount” so they don’t have to actually give anyone a discount or any of their stretch goals.


After 1jan sometime, they cant send them out before they know who will optout and who will not.

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even then they are talking about a website where you need to tell them you want the stretch goals - they could do this any time but obviously you can’t request your goals then get the opt out discount, they are delaying it purely because they hope the longer they delay the more people will opt out


I will feedback your questions to the company. Now we are trying our best to make an upgrade plan. We may announce stretch goals plan after upgrading the plan. Thank you.


That´s wired. You tell us, that in December 2019 the cooling Fan, the Face Foam and the Glass-Holder will be shipping to the Backers. Another delay! I will order NOTHING if you not willing to follow the Infos you give to us. I can´t understand what PIMAX is doing! Perhaps:
Book first, then search.

I am deterred!



PS: I am an 8K Backer No. 08xx


OK most items now shipping to paying customers ,BUT not PAID customers ?? like two years ago


OK still nothing ,are we saying the cash grabs over we can be forgotten about !!!

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Probably gonna be March now for most people to get the accessories

another push back ,its the only reason i dont upgrade as i expect getting another delay after delay .but to keep washing the kickstarter program backers til theres nobody left to claim what was promised in the first place isnt were i wanted my money.
Who wants there streatch goals ,who wants an upgrade ,surley the logistics are the same

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bump 230 or more so on and so on