Any early preorder here with shipping confirmation?

Is anyone here who preordered early and received a shipping confirmation?
My preorder number (#P10XX) indicates I should definitely be part of the first batch that was promised for shipping yesterday but so far I didn’t get any confirmation or tracking number and looking into my account the order is declared “paid” but still “unfullfilled”.

My order covers two headsets (5K Plus and 5K BE) but since Sebastian already confirmed that his 5K BE headset is already on its way to Germany I assume the 5K BE shouldn’t be a cause for delay here.

So I would really like to know if any of the preorder early-birds already recieved a shipping confirmation from Pimax. Would also like to know the range of your preorder number.


I’m preorder 13xx ordered on 26th October. Switched from 5k+ to BE oled. Got just slightly excited when they announced preorder shipping would begin on 25th January. Am now resigned to the long wait that our backer brethren have been enduring. Really don’t expect to hear anything concrete until all backers have received, only fair really.


You wont get any shipping info dor a while yet,they break up for cny soon so wont get a tracking number till it reaches the local warehouse then china arrange local courier delivery,but china wont be there for 2 weeks so will be after the cny break

Do you know that for definite?

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Thats definately how its worked so far and pimax wont confirm that local uk depot can forward the backers units already on route to uk,so looking like the uk backers units wont be forwarded on untill after there spring break either

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10## and nothing at all. I think we are wasting our times believing them. If i dont get it by end of February ill just cancel.


I’m a reasonably early backer and still haven’t got confirmation of shipping.

I will by mighty pissed off if preorders start to get their headset before me.


You can of course cancel but there’s really nothing else out there in same league as pimax so think carefully. You might regret losing your place in the queue when you see everyone else having fun with the new brainwarp stuff. I honestly think pimax have come a long way since early days. Maybe a wee word from our english speaking Kevin to reassure early preorderers? @PimaxUSA


You make a great point but i can just wait for the US warehouse and buy it locally in march. Never said i wasn’t gonna get it :wink:

Exactly, preorders take a back seat to early backers plain and simple.

Been lurking on the forums for a very long time. I’m an early preorder. Correct me if I’m wrong but, if all 5k+ backers have been shipped and they have extra stock to start shipping preorders, then what is the issue? It seems like a few backers want to artificially extend the wait on preorders for no reason other than pure spite. It comes off as bitter and childish. I’m not trying to call you out specifically and the whole UK thing was really dumb but why try to punish people that had nothing to do with that?


The issue is they said backers first. It doesn’t matter they have excess 5ks not all 8ks have been made let alone shipped.

Again, so you’d rather the excess 5k+ units gather dust out of spite because the 8k backers also have to wait? It’s not like they’re diverting all the resources from the 8k. There is a bottleneck somewhere slowing them down and sending the preorders won’t make a difference.

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Yes. Don’t like waiting get a refund. They made it clear from the beginning of preorders that they had a KS to fulfill. If they chose to pick and choose who backers first applies to they are going to piss off a lot of people.

They say they are shipped but there are still over 3000 backers waiting for tracking no’s .

Ignore the guy lol. They arent going to hold all the 5k preoders just for a few 8k backers.


Thanks, I figured. I just wanted to get a good look at the mindset of some people here. It’s unfortunate but it can’t be helped. I hope Pimax sheds a bit of light on the subject in the next day or two.

Dont be surprised if you dont hear anything. First batch of preorders were suppose to be shipped yesterday. We probably wont get the actual truth until after chinese holiday.

I don’t think that there will be much more informationen until the end of the Chinese year

As of 1/29/2019. Their are 5462 total KS backers who need headsets. 194 are to be confirmed and 597 have unfilled info. 2210 have shipped from their respective warehouses. 1232 are between Shanghai and the warehoues. And finally 1229, of which 1184 are 8ks, are “building”. That means 22.6% of kickstarters haven’t been fulfilled. If the don’t hold preorders they just pissed of 1/5th of all backers. You got into this knowing you were behind us deal with it and wait. Heres the link to the spreadsheet they gave with all the above info.