Any chance for kickstarter backers to get pimax 5K BE?

Now that I chose 5K+ instead of 8K , I see the release of kickstarter pimax 5K BE … any chance to be able to switch to the “best one” realeased ? I’m in backers 5200 … so I have time!

He uses it for 4 minutes and everyone switching to the BE because he said it the best? Didnt know you guys share the same brain and eyes.

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Can’t you tell the difference between ASKING FOR THE POSSIBILITY and ASKING FOR THE ACTUAL SWITCH ? LOL, of course i’m going to wait for more information to decide if I switch or not… (but everyone knows the superiority of OLED on black levels) and this one guy tested a lot of VR helmets, so he can make a solid opinion quickly…

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Ok i misunderstood then. Glad youre waiting for an actual review to determine what you want.

anyway I can’t occurding to facebook :"Jeroen Hoogeveen sorry pimax has just announced at the forum that a switch isn’t possible anymore " :frowning: I hope it will have big defects…

I can find in forum : “Oled screen has black smear problem. Not solved yet. And not a nice problem to have when you move your head a lot in a game”. Hope it’s reality…

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