Any cause for concern? (Life flashed before my eyes)

I was swinging a sword in skyrim and hit the cord hanging from the ceiling and the headset went black. Went over to the computer and the plug was out of the computer…and bent out of rubber housing. I popped it back into the rubber housing and into the computer…and it works. But I’m scared it’s more fragile now. Like the next accidental blow may break it!

Also, it was pretty hot to the touch (the DPI plug - EDIT meant display port!). I have a 1080ti that I plug it into and was running skyrim on large, 72hz, 1 render Pimax and 200% on steamvr (Skyrim looked much better btw after the increase to 200%).

Any cause for concern there? Is it running too hot? I’m just paranoid with my precious.

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Likely good to monitor plug temps. I would maybe suggest using a temp probe or meter and see if it 8s within most cable specs.

The plug on My 5k+ and My index gets warm. :relaxed:

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