Another user successfully does the extreme IPD mod (This should be standard on the 8k X)

Another user has successfully done the extreme IPD mod. It fixed his eye strain. The 8k X should really have the same IPD range as this mod provides. The fix itself is very simple. Software IPD is good, but it won’t account for the lenses being out of focus. Pimax should really make this happen! It’s as simple as reducing plastic and using a different slider pot. This slight change could make a world of difference for low IPD range users. Please consider doing this.

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It sounds like this is feasible, but would require some retooling. Hopefully, Pimax engineers will use this info to improve their headsets. That piece of plastic between the lens could probably be replaced with something much thinner, like a wire.


In the reddit post there was a theory of why Pimax did this. Had to do with clarity to the sides where you can’t have clarity both at the sides and at the center.

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That doesn’t really make sense without further explanation.

I thought the same, when I touched my Pimax IPD. It’s very difficult to maintain the clarity in all the FOV and change the IPD.

Even though I happen to think that shoving the lenses too closely together is a bit of a fool’s errand, a greater IPD range is always desireable, and should be maximised as much as mechanical considerations have room for. I am right at the lower end myself, and know that there are enough users with even lower IPD than myself, that it becomes a problem.

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