Another positive review for the 8KX inFS2020

Simhangar Flight simulation on YouTube released a very good initial review today! He has more on the way. It looks like Pimax is becoming a ‘go to’ choice for flight and driving sim folks!
After all the distorted perspectives from the self declared VR experts, it’s nice to see prominent sim players enjoying the 8KX.
Now just wait until Asobo’s performance upgrade next week!


You complain about being personally insulted when somebody critized the 8kx and then you say this? Not sure if that’s just weird or funny @twack3r

We were told by a few Simmers back with the p4k that Simmers were interested and watching pimax back them.

@Djonko let’s let that misunderstanding pass. @twack3r even clarified things on that matter.

As mentioned really folks should avoid calling Gen1 FoV “Toilet Paper Rolls” and fall back to Binoculars or maybe horse blinders(this one could be just as bad though). Or simply call it Restricted FoV vs WFoV.

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Or call opinions from people they disagree with “distorted perspectives from the self declared VR experts”. Well I don’t care, I just thought it was weird/funny coming from someone who felt personally offended by criticism towards a headset he owns (which in it self already sounds quite weird to me). Some double standards there if you ask me.


BTW this is the video if anyone cares:


These days I think there are too many self declared VR experts. :laughing:

Just a standard issue we have these days with Folks in general letting there passions get the better of themselves over differing PoV opinions.

Remember back just before pimax headsets released? Any Article/review that didn’t say it was as great as the 3 musketeers was grilled over needlessly. Before most even received there backed headsets.


Just watching the video, he raves about how good the colors are. Really makes me wonder again if pimax is using different panels now than in the first production version…

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It is possible or he has dialed in visual adjustments offer by pimax to tune it to his preference. We know with the 5k+ there are minimally 3 different screens folks identified from 202, 203, & 204 serials each had a different display panel.

Many folks try to tweak there monitors to what looks best to them. Which might not be optimal to what is real.

Movie makers have complained about this as they quite often tune the picture to create atmosphere and optimizing the picture to user preferences is felt to ruin the intended viewing xp.

@Djonko It’s not the criticism- it’s the language he chose. It was clearly meant to ridicule. Still I read tweakr’s posts with interest, and I think he’s a smart guy. I know he regretted his phrasing.


@Heliosurge Yes! That’s what I mean. Some of them just jump from bandwagon to bandwagon.
Or maybe it just seems that way. The 8KX is a great piece of tech for my purposes- but it’s not perfect and I have no problem with legitimate criticism. I think we’ve seen how some of those legit critiques have pushed Pimax to improve.
I wish they’d move a bit quicker on the DMAS!

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There is a bit of both. A lot of it comes down to people reacting to things due to there passions.

When the KS headsets were about to ship 3 youtubers m1 testers really hyped it up on there reviews using tweaked settings and mods. When a couple of professional users whom were also in the m1 beta test group released there articles based on out of box experience and had stated Pimax said software was not considered fully ready yet. There reviews were not shiny and filled with honest critiques about Cloth strap and comfort, lack of audio on release and running things on defaults(requirements placed by the media outlet an out of box xp). This was a very dark time the forum; the bad is that some of these assailants later gave there own unfavorable reviews of the product once they received it.

Many Backers whom had not received there headsets or had gone to the Backer meetup where 3 testers(youtubers) helped pimax dial in settings for a variety of games. These ppl widely went in the offence; simply because the review did not meet there expectations.

Twack3r’s statement of his opinion was not directed @ anyone. It was his opinion which maybe viewed as harsh as “Toilet Paper VR”. He had also prior and later stated what he liked about the 8kX. However if he is one of the folks whom experiences Eye strain his angst is very understandable.

As someone whom does not get eyestrain from pimax headsets I went on a journey with the soft ipd adjustments to induce Eye strain. I was very successful and would not wish it on any one.


Curious about the screen differences between models. Do you have any links to posts/ect?
Have a 5k+ v. 203 and would like to know what the differences and possible setting changes/specs from screen to screen across the three.


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Don’t have links as this was noticed during the Black case cracking issues.

The 202 was not capable of 120hz when introduced and can only max 110hz. The 202 model was identified to have a quality issue of Black dot pattern that was not within tight specs(some were more noticeable than others.) Index and Oculus Quest 1 have also been said to have this but are within reasonable Specs. My original 202 was not that bad. I received first batch.

The 203 is able to do 120hz and 144hz. Some said screen seemed foggy(I have this version now started with 202 , Haven’t noticed this on mine).

204 as far as I know was last 5k+ model and only saw decent reports from those who have it.

Iirc @bubbleball has all three versions mentioned


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