Another hands on from CES!

Another pimax 8k & 5k hands on from CES 2019!!


Thanks for sharing this :+1:

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kind of impressive, most youtubers without a special VR orientation don’t get the technical parts about the pimax, he is spot on and correct (only his guessing about the framerate was a littel off)
8k no SDE? i need reading glasses but could easily spot the SDE on the 8k within second (the vive SDE does not bother me much so i’m not “allergic” to SDE)

first linus now this, pimax seems to be on track with its products, only thing missing are the lighthouses and controllers to catch some of the oculus users


Ahh jez marginally better than the 8k ,easiest way to get rid of the fuzziness around font is to tilt head diagonally .
o well maybe one day it will get tweaked to par the 5k but hay no sde