Announcement: The solution of "center blurry, edge clear" issue

Dear customers:

Thank you for choosing our Pimax 4K VR Headset.
Some customers reflected that their Pimaxs’ center is blurry but edge is clear and they can not solved this problem by IPD setting. We have already received 2 Pimaxs from oversea which have this kind of problem.
According to our technical analysis, there are some issues on the lens’ coating.
We used the seaway ship it. Maybe some lens’ coating were damaged on the ship because of some reasons such as the high humidity, high salinity and extrusion.
We are so sorry about it and we will change another transport way in the future.
So if you have this problem, such as center is blurry but edge is clear and cannot solve this problem by IPD setting, please contact our E-mail: and please write: “Blurry lens” in your title.
Thank you so much!

Best regards,
Pimax Team

Many of us have a blurry lens problem that is different from the one you’re describing. It’s not that the center is blurry and the edges are clear, it’s that the center is blurry and the edges are worse (as they always are due to optical distortion). And this problem can only be “fixed” by using reading glasses, which means that the optics are either misconfigured, or simply incapable of automatically “adjusting” for myopia as all your advertising material and product descriptions suggest.

So what solution will you be offering to us? Is someone looking into this problem as well?

If I were your team, i would remove the coating from your optics. Its a nice feature, but as its not working at present, you should just remove it.

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Thank you for your suggestion.
I’m not an engineer, so I don’t know if it is important for the headset.

Please explain “…, i would remove the coating from your optics…” ?

The lenses have an anti blue light coating on them. I hear it darkens the image and probably contributes to the blurring.

Turn the color to cold may looks better.

What about clear in the centre but blurry around the edges?
The stars in the Pimax logo are all rainbow colours and distorted.
Adjusting IPD does not help this.

What is important is that we can see a clear image. Otherwise the product is not useable.

Could the lenses be removed and replaced without returning the unit?

Probably not, ask the pimax support people.

Just was checking it in Shenzhen - no sea shipping since it’s made in Shenzhen. First sample - completely blur center. Next one - ok.

Hello, I just received my Pimax, and it has blurry lenses at the center.

Go to Settings in PiPlay then Device then select the radio button Turn On Cool color.
This solved my problem.

Hi all,

I too was having the blurry center and clear edges… it was driving me mental… then i thought that the IPD settings may be wrong as i was using guess work to set my IPD.

for me it was set to 65, and i followed this website to work out what my IPD was How to Measure Your IPD |

turns out my IPD is actually 70 (give or take 1 either way) and this actually cleared up most (not all) of the blurryness. there is still a tiny bit of blurry in the center and i may try 69 or 71 to see if that makes a difference, but it is good to actually see the screen clearer!

I am still having the drift issue when i look left and right and the front view keeps trying to turn around! I will still be looking fro a fix for that sooner rather than later, it would be good if Pimax Support and software code that when we click RECENTRE in piplay that it locks that magnetic reading as front facing and this may stop the drift??

Good luck everyone.