And now something very positive about pimax,after the very rough start

I want to write something positive now after the very rough start and bad support…
Almost I left the pimax and move on…

But things have changed in a positive way…
I had a broken 5kplus for many months and the support and email contact went very slowly and sometimes complete silence for weeks…

There communication is a lot better now.
First I received a new cable because I also had the noise issue(flickering white dots) and now I received also a new replacement for the cracked 5kplus…

The 5kplus I had was from the first batch.
This new one is far better in picture quality too,no more black dots(they were very prominent with my old cracked 5kplus)

I watch it everyday for cracks on the case,I hope they will make a better housing someday because its very very fragile…

Also does the picture looks somehow better…Only it looks if I got some more fisheyed bowl on the sides of the picture,but I think I could live with that because the rest is that good!

I wanted to order the valve index after all my troubles with pimax,but now I have calmed down and I can wait.

And after playing skyrim with a wide field off view,i cant think I can go smaller with the field off view…(I even want bigger)

This skyrim vr modded is mindblowing on the 5kplus with the wide field off view now.
It makes this old guy young again…
I only wish more vr games could be like this.

I hope they hold on to their last email about the better support etc.
Now I am curious what the pimax updates will bring,like the eye tracking etc.
So surprise us pimax…

By the way sorry for my bad English…


Your bad English is hereby excused, no worries.


Yes, when it’s actually all working*, it’s amazing! I am very pleased with the vr experience using my 8K. Sure there are a few issues, but I expected that, as a Kickstarter project. It’s still a great headset, imo.

*or should that be: “It’s amazing! It’s actually all working?” :laughing:


I just watched MRTV’s reverb review and truth is I feel the same as you. I like it alot, but it feels like it can break anyday. no problems so far.

Your comment about not being able to go back to 110 deg fov. MRTV also says this. Thing is though with the reverb the detail looks stunning. So stunning in fact that did you notice how excited Sebastian was in that review. He used to laugh at tiny FOV but he didnt even mention it once.

It got me thinking. If I tried a reverb, would I be willing to trade 170 deg FOV for super high resolution?

funny part is the 8k should have been comparible to the reverb,PPD but we all know how that went.


Was thinking the same thing, remembered the clip with the guy laughing at vive pro how riddiculous it is with it’s fov and how the balance is now with the image quality that good and the comfort…
Interesting to know which trade off we choose know.
I wouldn’t like to own both headsets at the same time, using the reverb missing the wide fov and on my 8k the much higher ppi. Resulting in not being satisfied with both headsets while i’m happy with my 8k now…


yeah that was the particular moment I was thinking about. You need to take alot of what Seb says with a grain of salt. He tends to exaggerate his emotions and repeat himself alot.

He said you cant go low fov , but the biggest difference is when you first go back. You actually get used to it again fairly quickly. I routinely go rift when I just need to play a non cockpit game and I cant be bothered with the complications.

Its weird but even after getting the pimax , I still feel Im looking for a replacement for my rift. Im seriously considering the reverb or index, and the index controllers (which according to Cas and Chary can be used with any headset).
Heres the thing about FOV. I tried small foc on pimax and in alot of games I feel 130 deg is just large enough to get rid of the periscope effect of the rift and vive. Its like having your forward view opened completely all u lose is a bit of the peripheral but its still really nice!

If the index is truly 130 then it might be a welcome addition to my hmd collection and finally retire my rift.


Yep, after hearing the negative things about HP Reverb i think that with some modifications the Pimax still got the lead, at least in my opinion.


That describes MRTV in a nutshell. It makes sense to do that when he is live streaming but I would guess that it hurts his viewer retention on his regular videos. They would be 1/2 to 1/3 their current length if he would just stop repeating himself all the time. :sleeping:


i usually just skip 10 minutes into his videos. :smile: