An interesting post about the importance of counterweight on the HMD

This mod was posted on /r/Vive:

Basically, he increased the weight of the HMD by adding a counterweight in the back, and the result was a lighter feeling HMD on the face as the weight shifts backwards.

I felt this was important for Pimax since they seem focused on getting the Pimax 8K to be lighter than the Vive, without considering the importance of weight balance as well…


I did this with my Vive weeks ago. It took about 12oz to balance out the front weight of the HMD. And though it adds to the overall weight, having it off my nose and cheeks is a huge improvement in comfort. All I play is racing sims so the added weight, compared to the weight of a racing helmet in real life, is not a big deal.

If the Pimax is supposed to weigh less than the Vive it should not need as much counterweight. If they don’t add counterweight as you recommend it’s a cheap and easy DIY fix. I’ll be doing it for sure.

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Depends on the headstrap design. I feel most people will be opting for the deluxe strap that seems to mimic the psvr were all the pressure is on the forehead and no pressure on your face. In which case a counterweight wont be needed.

Distribution for DAS is completely different than for Psvr. Still front heavy on the cheeks but just a lot better to use than the original head strap. PSVR places the weight on the forehead and I believe Pimax is shooting for this as well.

PSVR already has a counterweight, part of why it’s touted as the most comfortable even while being the heaviest of the bunch.

If Pimax are ripping off the PSVR( as pretty much all new headsets with good reason) crown design going the extra mile will be appreciated. On the other hand Pimax seems much lighter so it might not be a big deal.