An acceptable deal offering to backers of the full package, hope to see an answer

Back in the KS i pledged 799 plus shipping 52 usd for the 8k, sword sense controllers and the Lighthouses. The 5k would cost 399 usd, hmd only.
So i paid 400 usd for the controllers and LH’s. Because some of us switched to the 5K we recieved a hundred dollar coupon, making them a 300 usd.

I could live with the following deal:

Make another switch to the Index controllers, (179 usd extra) and use the 100usd coupon for the comfort package (of 50usd) and another discount of 50usd on the index controllers, making the difference a pay up of 129usd.
That way both sides lose and gain a bit.
As earlier said i have no interest in using the coupon on other items.

Seems fair, does it?
Hope to see a solution that fits what full package backers once pledged for.
@PimaxVR @SweViver

IIRC, the price difference between the 8k and 8k Full Package was $300, not $400.

Also I’m fairly certain you’ll be able to do exactly what you propose once the website goes live later this month.


I hope so, we will see…

Hello @PimaxVR @sweviver @Matthew.Xu Holiday is over, any chance for a reply?

If not, please tell me also. Would be great to get a response :roll_eyes:

With regard to your question, I think you will get the answer in Pimax Day 2. Thank you.


Do you guys have a date picked for that yet :slight_smile: ?

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Maybe next week or the week after, I will inform you in advance. Thank you.


Ok thanks for replying. Would you consider my/our proposal anyway?

I think maybe Robin and Kevin will consider your proposal. Thanks


Great, it’s positive to get a reply, thanks for that! It can restore faith in the Pimax company. Keep this up and you will hold us backers on board :wink:
I really hope for a solution in the middle. For now i am happy to see there is someone reading :grinning:

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