AMD Zen 3 Livestream Discussion

Livestream just ended. Gotta say I’m pretty intrigued here. That 5950 is calling my name.

Link to the livestream- Where Gaming Begins | AMD Ryzen™ Desktop Processors - YouTube

Gamers Nexus recap- AMD Ryzen 5950X, 5900X, 5800X, & 5600X Specs, Price, Release Date, & Zen 3 Changes - YouTube


Oh wow, looks like they finally win outright. Thought they might.

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next intel gen is just around the corner though and the lead over current single core intel is not that great. still ryzen 5xxx looks good for now, good for amd.

i want an 5950… also need motherboard…

True enough. Looking closer the lead is not that large, might well shrivel up in real world benches with overclocked CPUs as well.

Particularly the efficiency looks pretty nice in comparison!
Would be interesting to see how big the difference between a 1700 and a 5800X would realistically be with typical 8kX resolutions and let’s say a RTX 3080. And whether e.g. supersampling is CPU dependent at all.
The downside of the 8kX might be that it is capped at 75 Hz. Which can also be an upside, at least when it means that older hardware might still be good enough.

Google search turns up i9-10900K at 531 single core score. If the AMD CPU can now do 631 compared to that, single-core, then it may turn out AMD is really standing by the commitment they state in that video to single-core performance.

To be fair, it is only a matter of one or two generations before AMD CPU beats Intel at single core performance outright, unless Intel contracts out their lithography. The last generation was so close only flight sim gamers really had a significant incentive to go Intel, and it would be nice to see that end.

Now folks, keep in mind that single-threaded performance will be the only CPU metric that matters in the future. Anything not requiring sequential operation is eventually GPU fodder, to the point we could get rid of CPUs entirely without the need for that.

The big question will be whether we can overclock just one of those cores +200MHz to 5.0GHz or greater, and disable the extra threads. That would be a 23% total leap over full OC Intel, which in single-thread performance, is huge.

Still, we have to wait and see. We have seen AMD just slightly beat Intel single-core performance before, only to turn out to be useless to the flight sim apps that need it most.


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