AMD VEGA 56 and (64) Support

Hey Pimax team,

I read only about your recommendations about Nvidia’s GPUs but you said nothing about AMD.
I am currently rocking a AMD VEGA 56 OC with the 64 bios mod, wich beats the 64 in 3D Mark and unigine superposition.
Will this be enough to fire the Pimax 5K/8K?
What performance can we the AMD users, expect?
It bothers me because AMD has like 30% market share in the GPU market and you did not state anything regarding AMD.



I too would like to know this since I want to jump from the green ship.

Good luck. I have been trying to get information for months to no avail.

Seems nobody wants to even investigate how Team Red’s offerings play with this headset.

Especially important since theres every chance AMD’s next gen gpus sill leapfrog nvidias 2080 since its going to be 7nm

In VR the 64 tends to be a bit behind a GTX1080 or below a 1070 in some titles, VR definitely tends to favour green cards. So look at results with a 1070-1080, or in other words Pimax don’t recomend a 1070 with the 8K but should be ok with the 5K for less demanding titles. To get the most out of either headset you are going to need something considerably faster than a Vega, so 1080ti, 2080, 2080ti.

If you feel like you need to go team red you will have to wait on their 7nm cards and even then there’s no guarantees on VR performance given its still just a GCN refresh. AMD seem to have basically given up on the top end, so I’d expect more mid-range but good value cards than any new Titan-eaters.

AMD next gen GPU won’t arrive any time soon, don’t worry, at least 1 year if we talk about new tech. They (pimax) don’t focus on it because high end vr headsets require top performance hardware and it’s just not about amd…

AMD was always a price/performance winner, but they don’t push limits as Nvidia does.

AMD will have 7nm GPU available by Q1 2019 and have in many occasions pushed the limits of GPUs.

  • ATI were instrumental in developing GDDR RAM for GPUs
  • AMD First with HBM
  • AMD/ATI first with multimonitor gaming - Eyefinity
  • AMD Desgined Mantle which became Vulkan API

There are plenty of times AMD (or ATI before them) were innovating and there is nothing to state they wont in the future.

As for your statement that Pimax (or any other PC tech developers) will only focus on extreme topend GPUs is ridiculous. If they did they are doomed to failure because only a very tiny minority of people have 2080Ti or above GPUs. By the time Pimax have 5K and 8K for market, mid range GPUs will be 1080Ti level performance and better pricing due to AMD having competitive and in some cases better price/perf 7nm GPUs ready.

As I know AMD will announce new tech in q1 2019, and bring new cards in early 2019 but they wont be 7nm tech.
They have already confirmed that implementing new 7nm tech in gaming cards is their LOWEST priority, which would mean - don’t expect to see these soon. Most likely you will see some kind of ‘refreshed vega’ in 2019 and hope for 1080ti performance, while 7nm gaming card will arrive 2020.

For sure amd pushes the tech and brings innovations, unfortunately it’s still not enough and those innovations doesn’t give us players the pure performance power.

AMD have already declared they are planning 7nm GPUs for Q1 2019. Now this may mean Radeon Instinct (non gaming) GPUs but that means gaming GPUs will be not far behind.

These links were found after a very quick Google for AMD 7nm GPUs

I wish you to be right, but I’m very sceptical about the dates. New tech, servers hardware, dectop CPUs, mobile cpu/GPU, anything else?(consoles maybe)…and theen we come to gaming GPU with a hope to receive something similar to 2080ti (30% boost compared to 1080ti)?

Sounds impossible for me:(

AMD claims the new 7nm process is twice as dense as its 14nm process, and the 7nm Vega die appears to be roughly 40% smaller than its predecessor. The new process also affords a 2x increase in power efficiency and AMD also claims it provides a 1.35x increase in performance.

So about 2080 performance for Vega 64 7nm assuming zero IPC gains, or architecture improvements. Not sure what Navi will bring in architecture and IPC gains.

I’m not sure about Nvidia on 7nm being any time soon because they only just released 12nm RTX cards. Even the most loyal Nvidia fan would be annoyed if they paid £1200 for a 2080Ti for it to be replaced in less than 6 months :smiley:

Problem with AMD is they spend too many resources on PS5 and Ryzen neglecting Radeon. I use only AMD GPU in the last 12 years and was satisfied until the last two years. Problem is they lost a step with Ngreedia so they are nor behind. Right now AMD is competitive in mid and low range but in high performance, they don’t have a product at all. Vega&$ is equivalent with GTX 1080 in average performances so if your 56 with this upgrade have 64 performances you will have similar performances like people using 1080 and that is a roof for AMD. There is no higher performances card yet from AMD to compete with 1989TI and 2080.
Why Vega failed on the market is mostly because miners who raise their price to the roof so for the gamer was no need to invest in a more expensive card and because of miners, Vega was more expensive.

So definitely you will be able to use it in VR. Be patient and wait to see what spring is bringing to us