AMD released 1st 7nm graphic card in market. Did you switch to AMD camp?

Hey Guys,

Since AMD has released Radeon Vii the first 7nm Graphic card. How many of you guys switched to AMD camp?

  • AMD
  • Nvidia

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I didn’t switch yet, but I reserve the right to do so when AMD releases its 2nm 27th generation GPU before I receive my HMD :sweat_smile:


I’m with nvidia for now & this little beauty just turned up.
I would love so much for amd to catch up & get proper optimisation, but for now I have to stick with nvidia & their crazy prices until I see that amd are on par


You made my day. LOL

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Just got the exact same for my rig :facepunch:


This 2080ti looks like a Beast! :muscle:
I’m going to set it up on a loop with my cpu through 2 360mm radiators, in a bit.
Should quite easily reach a mega overclock at low temps then.
I’m thinking of also leaving the 1080 ti in the loop for now, just for testing & comparing

So my only issue seems to be a power limit that nvidia impose on all their 20 series cards. Got mine to rest at 2025mhz and it says in the curve it will reach 2085mhz but haven’t seen it yet, has an odd high pitched noise though…


While Radeon 7 is a good step, AMD still isn’t at the same peak as NVidia (2080 Ti). To get the best performance with Pimax HMDs you really need as much power as you can get. Also, NVidia’s drivers have better compatibility with Pimax at this point.

Oh look they’re gauging whether or not to support amd.

These nm are mostly marketing terms and don’t mean much anyway. I’m not in any camp, and the next GPU I’ll buy will depend on what’s on the market and its performance.
For the time being AMD isn’t really right for me. Call me crazy, but I’m actually excited about RTX. More about the technique than its implementation in games today, but if AMD doesn’t support it in the future, they are unlikely to get my money.

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Wrong Amd is a partner. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

And pimax can limit how many resources they put towards it.

That is true of any part of the project. So best to get an idea to divide resources wisely. This is done in most businesses to set priorities.

The good news Amd is also part of the equation in setting resources to get things working. But partner should have helped emphasise this.

Will try & be clearer.

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I’m interested on buying the same card combined with an Aorus Master MB and a 9900K. I wish i could justify buying the Aorus Xtreme waterforce MB :frowning:, the price is too steep but I love the waterblock design.


There was a dev post fairly recently on one of the vr subreddits, that listed the gpus used for vr.
The AMD vr users were even smaller then in the general steam hardware statistics. Where AMD has a meager 15%.

I’m trying to find the specific post now, but as it probably was a month or two ago. Finding it is going to be hard (ill update if i find it).

Regardless, VR is all about raw performance, and AMD really is behind on that.
Their going to have a very hard time getting developers to optimize for less that 15% of their userbase.

Edit: found it, it was actually Oculus hardware stats. And the AMD representation is painfully low. Only a meager 7.8% of the Oculus users use a AMD gpu. … and 14.9% use a AMD cpu.
At that point using AMD specific features makes zero sense for a developer.


AMDs closest competitor was Intel integrated graphics at 10%. Makes you wonder how much of the AMD listings were actually from APUs.

I was actually using an APU (A10-5800K) for years. It wasn’t great but it could run League of Legends at 1080p with decent settings. However, I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone trying to play semi-modern AAA games. It could barely run those games at minimum settings.

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Considering their only 7.8% on the oculus store id say quite a few :frowning:
Doesn’t bode well for the gpu monopoly going on right now.

Just arrived home from work and this was waiting for me :slight_smile:


Mineral oil pc mod. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:

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Keep in mind stats are good but not always fully accurate. Nvidia it is true has enjoyed a lead for sometime in GPU use. Much like Intel has enjoyed a decent lead on Amd in different areas of the CPU market. But times are changing & folks want a change against over priced gpus & cpus vs performance.

Amd is on the rise in consumer cpus. The Radeon VII will of course not be as good to close the gap as Navi likely will be. However with Nvidia rtx 20series has already costed them 45% loss I think a recent article reported. Nvidia is siting this as leading this launch with their “top” tiers 2080 & 2080ti. But it’s likely this trend will continue as many are not happy with RTX gains.

Especially with all the GPU failure rates.