AMD Driver is coming eventually?

Nowhere on the Pimax website I can see or in no backer emails have we been told Vega 56/64 won’t EVER work with 5K/8K, so like others I bought one.

Yet the other day, I read a backer on this forum getting irate believing AMD GPU won’t EVER be supported on Pimax’s new headsets.

So I found this old quote which looks reassuring:

“Pimax is now working closely with AMD and Nvidia to ensure that the headset has proper graphics driver support when it arrives in the hands of backers later this year”.

Source: Pimax Misses Q2 Shipping Timeline, Swears Production Will Begin Soon | Tom's Hardware

Let’s hope Pimax engineers can give us an answer on this matter. I’m feeling positive.


These are my current test Results. Amd is working with pimax on tge Vega Driver issue.


Thank you for the reply and additional information. It’s good to hear and hopefully it’ll work in due course which is what I hoped. All the best.

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Your very welcome and much needed info. But from other backers & my own results. I would still say either headset should run fine. Considering have tested myself on old r9 390 with ok(not reccommended) results. & others like @Fresco has retested 980ti & @Ludiks with a 1060 6g with decent results on the 8k.


I am curious about this too as I have an LC Vega myself. Was waiting for support before plunging the $$$ Do we know if there is a place to get status updates from AMD or is it better to keep track on forums here?

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Atm nothing new that I know of from Amd as of yet.

Though I am sure once pimax has heard news from AMD @Matthew.Xu will likely post an update on Vega Driver. It comes down to what Amd will need to do primarily to fix the driver.

I do know tge r9 390 works but not a good option save for really well optimised games ie Gunjack & to Some extend Distance.

But Vega atm is not working to be truly playable atm.


Pimax 8K series + Pitool .90 could work with Vega64 (latest driver) successfully.

But presently the performance seems not very good, we will take further test on it.


So Amd has released a new driver than within the last 2 weeks?

2 weeks ago the AMD Vega 64 performance was not good at all on Pitool 90. My r9 390 8g gave better performance & I would not reccommend it.

Amd I do know is working on fixing their Vega Driver as it is the key reason for performance & headset connection problems.

My Amd contact hasn’t heard any updates as of yesterday when I was speaking to him. This week he’s leaving to checkout the up coming Cyberpunk.

They released a minor update to accommodate Fallout 76 and stuff, nothing major.

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So we play the waiting game now I suppose.

Better than a Crying Game … I suppose.

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AMD is busy preparing their yearly major driver upgrade.
There were rumors on they include features for stand alone HMDs to stream to those…
Hope is they get the Pimax fixed too, at least VR is on their priority list…

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Since first release of Adrenaline 2019 driver is out I wonder if there’s an improvement for running the Pimax?
Anybody tried it?

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I was wondering the same. I have an AMD Fury (I expect to only be able to use it on the smallest FOV).

Looking at upgrading straight after xmas as I think I am in batch 8 which is meant to be shipping today.

Happy with an AMD Vega 64 or and Nvidia card.

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If you can hold off. I would wait to upgrade to see Amd’s new offerings unless you can get a really good deal or used gpu.

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That’s all well and good but if you have a Vega right now that does not bode well,we need some confirmation on this sooner than later,not tried the new streaming yet on my 4K BE.

I Will be a tad pissed off with many other AMD GPU users, if we don’t hear or get some good news from the Pimax tech heads before my 5k+ finally arrives, no doubt then I will be a prime test guinea pig for the Vega not what I envisioned when I backed the KS.


I will wait to see what AMD says at CES. I am not sure if I can wait 6 months for a GPU update though.

Second hand would be the way for me to go though at the moment.

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Your OG pimax BE(not 4k but qhd oled) may need the special firmware.

Otherwise for 5k & 8k it’s more in Amd hands at present. Pimax can & is working with Amd. But Amd needs to fix it in gpu driver end.

I will reach out to my friend & see if he has heard anything soon.he should be back from his trip. Withvhis trip he waa going to try & encourage tge uo coming cyberpunk to implement vr. :smirk:


I just hope Pimax get this confirmed as working with no issues for the Vega or there could be many customers lost.

I could and if needs be will be able to at least get a RX 2070 (from Overclockers UK,they are freaking awesome!)and then flog the Vega but that would be a last resort as I have only just recently paid in full for the ruddy thing,fingers crossed we hear something concrete soon.

That Cyberpunk VR titbit sounds pretty cool though,VR should fit the game like a glove.:wink:

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Have you heard anything yet?