Alyx 5k+ serial 202 - gray as hell (backlight)

Hi everybody,

I’m backer 3xxx and finally tried Alyx for three days now (nvidia 1080 and old i7 3770). So with latest pitool/firmware my 5K+ (serial start 202xxx) is gray as hell. Well how hell is gray. To be honest my old Vive (1) is pitch black (yes, old vive is pitch black :slight_smile: in Alyx compare to pimax. I tried up to -5 brightness and up to +3 contrast, but the result … i can’t see anything in dark parts or it’s ‘more’ gray.

So i roll back to pitool 197 and it’s firmware. Oh, the distortion profile is so much worse (normal fov), the sides of the panel is grey again (masked fov), but i can adjust BACKLIGHT to LOW, brightness to -3, contrast to +2 and … well the Vive is still better, how much, well a lot and i have to chose to play in black/contrast (vive) or grey+fov (pimax).

Even backlight set to LOW isn’t low enaught and i would like to try even lower settings…

Of course the famous pimax headstrap with lenses frame on nose is… well … disaster.

Any idea what i should try?

Regards Vaclav

Vive is a OLED display, you will never get that black on a LCD display.


I forget that, that probably explain pimax 197 vs vive 1, but 197 vs 255. Does anyone know why backlight settings is gone?

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