Alternatives to Pimax Usb/HDMI Cable?

After watching some videos and seeing images of the Pimax opened up, I had a thought for the Nolo set and was wondering if someone would lend some assitance.

For starters, all this is because the Nolo head piece requires yet another cable and comes with an oddly lengthed 2-in-1 USB cable about 4 meters long. My breakout cable is around 5 meters without the pimax connection, so one could see why I don’t quite like the strange length from Nolo, and was looking for alternatives.

One idea was to open the Pimx and remove the usb connection from the current hdmi and micro usb cable. Then I would get a short micro USB splitter (1 female to 2 male) to plug into the Nolo piece and the Pimax. The final step here would be to plug the Pimax cable into the splitter’s female port.

I’m not sure if this would work due to USB bandwidth, though. Any thoughts?

@Sjef @PIMAX-Support @Heliosurge

Might work though likely need to use something to increase available power amps. Ie double end usb like some portable disc drives have. Due to usb powers the display panel.

Or alternatively use a powered usb hub to your splitter.

Power the hub with a usb power bank.

An active USB extension cable won’t do?

Edit: I do have a USB hub that can plug into the wall, if I connected my USB active cable into it, would I be fine?

An active extension may work. Only know if try. :wink:

i think you need a hub between nolo and PIMAX. For me you can’t links twice on the same usb cable.
I use two good usb3 cables 3m length and it s ok. I also tried with a usb hub to connect a microphone with nolo and it s ok too.