Already bought retail version, getting spammed to visit online store

Anyone else? The e-mail says there’s new items, but there aren’t. And if I do visit to check, Pimax spams my e-mail even more.

I’d unsubscribe, but I’m not sure if that would stop messages about my actual order.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pimax, The price we pay for the best HMD available!

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You received a email from us yesterday?


I did. With a link to some weird products. “Copy of…”

Didn’t look intentional… :grin:


Here’s a screenshot of the page:

And here’s the link:


Yes. The latest showed an image of a woman in a closet, followed by images of the 5k and 8k, etc.
It seems to be run by biketing. It’s to the same e-mail I used to pre-order, so I’m hesitant to just unsubscribe.

From: Pimax Technology weng <>
Subject: All new today on Pimax Technology

End of e-mail:
761 MABURY#95 SAN JOSE California US

© 2018 Pimax Technology

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I think I want an “Copy of Copy of Copy1 of shouye” it’s the only 0$ item that isn’t marked sold out… I mean I’m not sure what it is but at that price it gotta be a bargain!