All current reviews for the Pimax 8k v5

I’ve seen a lot of people referencing only the road to vr article from CES so I figured I’d try and round up all of the v5 reviews I’ve seen scattered about to get a better overall picture of the current iteration. I’ve listed everything from articles to regular reddit users but if there are any more feel free to add them.

Road to VR:

comments from the author -

The Verge:


Digital Trends:

Performance PC:

u/by parney2000


Imgur: The magic of the Internet (actual post removed due to subreddit rules)

PC Gamer:

User Albert Hartman
Comment on road to VR article
direct link


Heise Online (largest German tech news site)
Google translate link



Tribal Instincts
Time-stamped video

Gizmo Slip
Full Review
Time stamp of initial impression


What I don’t understand is why Pimax not try for themselves before letting people demo it? Wouldn’t that make sense when you set up any demo? You demo yourself and see that everything works fine before you let others try it in order to stop negative feedback. The facts that many are complaining about it tells me Pimax has done a terrible job. If you try it and feel that it wasn’t good, then why let others try it? So that it’s good to generate negative feedback in the public? This is not a matter of getting feedback when the product wasn’t even working correctly. This sort of feedback should be obtained inside the company. When things are not working, do you even still need to say a word or feedback? C’mon man, it’s pretty common sense. If you try it yourself and you like it, there is a chance people will like it, there is no need for feedback.

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Great job collecting all this reviews in one thread, I hope you’ll keep updating your post with new ones @Knee


PC Gamer


Yea I’ll link anything else I find/people post in the OP.

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Good catch! Thanks man.

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Another review from reddit, u/fross


5k demo on youtube from Pimax

8k demo on youtube from Pimax


It sounds like some of the bigger issues are still present in the V5, but I think Pimax can fix them. I noticed the same suggestion a few times, that I prevuously suggested.

@deletedpimaxrep1 you guys should experiment with a lower field of view. This would mitigate distortion and Mura, increase clarity and PPD, and might even help you get up to 90hz.

200 degrees is amazing, but only if these issues can be fixed.

Now that you have windows MR and Vive pro offering competition at better quality, anything you can do to provide the BEST all around experience, just makes good sense.


A new article at Heise Online (biggest German IT news site):

I desperately hope Pimax fixes the lag and the distortions- if necessary by reducing fov. (Heise writes it’s at the transition between fresnel and normal lense, so it might be systematic and not easy to fix (?))

Edit: Google Translate link: VR-Headset Pimax 8K ausprobiert: Schön scharf, aber ansonsten nicht so schön | heise online


Cool, I bet there’s a few non English articles floating around.

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Another one

Another review (reddit, Virtuix_):

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FYI Sebastion Ang announced he is one of the backers on the early tester list. We should get some good feedback when that happens.


New impressions here: Pimax 8K prototype at CES 2018 - YouTube

Also good positive review here:


Very nice reviews.

Im glad that this shatstorm was just a misunderstuding.

Some new positive impressions from Pimax:

What demo is this, with controllers as a Whale and a Frog?


A not so good review,its abit later in the video about the pimax 8k at 1:11:54 in the video