After seeing the reviews will you go for a 5K+ 8K or 8KX?

After seeing the reviews and taking each reviewers recommendations into consideration which headset will you go for? (still waiting for some reviews to come in but if you are already sure then please cast your vote now).

  • 5K+
  • 8K
  • 8KX

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im hoping $100 credit can go towards an 8kx later


After i saw that pic with text, insta sold as imma use more the headset for programming in VR in virtual desktop, so clarity and less sde is the way to go tho 8k has way less sde. But imma wait for SweViver’s review aswell to confirm it.


I wouldn’t count on 8k X. The 1080 ti is struggling in demanding titles on 5K+ and 8k, and those are only capable of displaying a native 1440p per eye, regardless of the render target on the PC side.

The $1200 2080 TI (thats been delayed 1 week to late september,) is at best 45-55% faster than 1080 TI in rasterized games sans DLSS.

That means 20 extra FPS realistically in most titles for an insane premium.

So, a 45hz title runs at 65hz 72hz at 90hz, etc. Maybe a post turing 7nm architecture would work for an 8K-X, but that is years away.

I personally would go for 5K+ since it seems to be the most well rounded and polished of these devices.


so far i am leaning on 5k plus, the biggest surprise for me here is what is a fundamentally different conclusion on gpu requirements between mrtv and voodoo


They were kind of fuzzy on details of what settings they used, etc.

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To everyone planning on a change, please PLEASE consider your PC upgrade path.

It’s clear that current hardware is not enough for the 8k to run at full potential. If you just rebuilt, and don’t plan to rebuild for 3-5 years consider the downgrade. By the time you rebuild there will be newer hardware that will be well beyond this version of the 8K. This is why Sebastian is going for the 5K+ He literally just built a rig for the Pimax, and unfortunately you can’t crank the SS where it needs to be to make the most of the displays.

Now if you have an older rig and plan to rebuild in a year or two, you can get the 8K and suffer with lower quality for a while, BUT you will get the benefit of a new Pimax when you rebuild your rig- maybe with 1080/2080ti in SLI, or a 3080ti or whatever the future brings.

If you have a lower backer number, you will probably have a little less time to decide than the higher backers, but PLEASE PLEASE do not just jump ship without thinking about your future builds. No youtuber can speak to this. It’s entirely different from user to user. Slow down, people:)


i dont know what to choose… 8k has better sde and i think better colors and black levels. but the reading its much better in 5k +. very hard to choose… :cold_sweat:


When will you rebuild? 1-2 years or 3-5 years?

Interesting thoughts but by then there will probably be other headsets on the market as well from Oculus and HTC etc. I am getting a 2080Ti and I doubt that will make much improvement in terms of visuals but will do on performance (a little).

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I’d like to add a 5k+ to my 8k order, but if I cannot I will probably swap the 8k for the 5k+ for now. I feel that by the time I will be able to utilize the 8k+ with supporting hardware(GPU,) it wont be the only wide screen HMD on the market to consider. So, yeah, 5k+ for now and when the 8k+ or StarVR HMDs come out, and I have a PC worthy of either, then I’ll look at what to get at that time.

I also feel that, at some point in the not-too-distant future, Pimax may find a better chip to scale images and the Pimax 8k v1.2 [or whatever] will be a better model.


100%! In a few years we might even have some consumer version of StarVR- but your ability to enjoy it will be dependent on how you time your upgrading.

I currently have a 7 year old FX9590 with 32GB of RAM. I did buy a watercooled 1080ti, and plan to build a maxed out threadripper workstation around it. I will either add a second 1080ti, or I might see what GPUs are around next summer. So for me, I will deal with a lesser experience on my 8K this year and either go SLI early 2019, or switch out later in 2019. That means I will enjoy a much better 8K experience, but in 3-5 years, I will probably be in the other camp…

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Hopefully VR has SLI support by then, eh?

The poll should better be something like:
A: i’m 5K backer
B: im 8K going to 5K+
C: im 8K staying at 8K
D: from 8K to 8KX (if possible)
E: from 5K to 8K (if possible)
F: from 5K to 8KX (if possible)
Something like that… unless only 8K backers are filling in the poll? and not a single 5K backer? but i doubt that.


Granted I am an old DK2 user primarily, but I had been enjoying a real bump in quality when I went from one 980 to an SLI setup. I play E:D, AC and DCS primarily. I saw significant gains when I SLI’ed.

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I suppose I haven’t checked in a while - what games besides Serious Sam and Talos Principle VR support SLI?

What software are you using? A few months ago when I last looked, Oculus software didn’t support SLI either…E:D and DCS don’t either, btw

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I really want readable UI text… so probably will end up swapping from the 8k to 5k+, what sucks is that I was an early bird 5k backer until they announced that they were swapping away from the OLED panels. FML

5k+ would also benefit from supersampling as well with an upgrade. The key difference seems to be the SDE. To me, both of these are just a temporary stopgap until the 8kX arrives.


Yes, the survey wasn’t very well thought out.

Yep so I will make another. It won’t allow me to edit this one.

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