Advanced replacement for the Pimax 12K trade in program

I would like the trade in program to have an option to receive the 12K up front before sending in my 8KX if I’m willing to pay the full 12K price in advance. And then I would receive a refund for the difference once I’m satisfied with the 12K and send my 8KX in.

My biggest hesitation about the 12K trade in program as it is now is that I’ll need to send in my already working 8KX that I use every day before receiving a 12K which potentially will not work or which I might be disappointed with. That is, there is a potential to seriously regret having performed the trade in and be left screwed either temporarily or permanently.

For example, the 12K I receive could be defective. Or there could be some critical problem with the new drivers and compatibility with my PC or the software I want to use. These are issues which would eventually be resolved, but it could take weeks or months during which I’d be without a functional VR headset whereas I could have kept using my 8KX in the meantime if I still had it.

Even in the ideal case where the new 12K I receive works perfectly, there would still be a gap of days or weeks where I don’t have a VR headset between sending in my 8KX and receiving the 12K.

I’d like to avoid all of that by paying in advance for an advanced replacement approach. And then if I never send Pimax the 8KX, they just don’t refund any of my 12K purchase price.


I only wish my 8kx won’t die before 12k comes live…


Not a bad idea. We’ll see if something like that might be possible.


Most of us backers had a pretty good idea what we were getting when we made the 5K+ vs 8K decision because we had many opinions from those attending meetups and trying the actual product.
Since we have had nothing since CES, when can we expect some actual hands on from the likes of all those Utubers for which you were going to demo?


That’s great! Thanks!

Another aspect I’d like to ask about is how return policy and warranty interacts with the trade in program. The web page doesn’t mention anything about how that works.

If you do the trade in, does Pimax’s return policy apply to the 12K you receive? With the standard trade in, you will have already sent in your previous VR headset at that point. Do you get that back somehow to reverse the whole transaction? Or how is this situation resolved?

In an advanced replacement form of the trade in, applying return policy seems straightforward. Return the 12K for a refund as per normal. In fact, really in that case it seems like it would be the same as a normal purchase of a 12K, and then you get a partial refund if/when you send in your 8KX… which is something you’d do after deciding you’re satisfied with the 12K you received. Presumably with some time limit.


Thanks man! Great Idea!

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I imagine the time period you would have to decide would be 7 days as usual. I would hope that would be 7 days from the receipt of the device and not from when it shipped.

Hard to evaluate trade in value in a vacuum.

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