Additional Pitool settings suggestions

Just a quick little suggestion for more settings in Pitool.

  1. Add a “turn headset off when closing pitool” toggle, to make it so that the headset is not left on, like how steamVR functions.
  2. Add a “manual override” toggle and/or a “set manual proximity to on” toggle, so that users can manually set the software to read the headset as on. I have encountered issue with the lack of a proximity sensor in a game/social VR-supported software that they don’t read the Pimax as “on”, like how a vive would. I have tried reaching out to the devs of Sansar about this one, but they say it’s the responsibility of the hardware developers, not their weird implementation.

@Sean.Huang This is a legit problem, hardware differences should be emulated.

It’s the lack of software control that I feel is more of a problem. Very few games rely on that proximity sensor, but it’s an important thing sometimes so I feel like a simple pi-tool toggle, so steam VR gets proper simulated readings, will do just great to improve compatibility.

The real problem is the lack of established standard. Because of that software developers have their own preconceived expectations of hardware. This is one of those examples. Pimax should just emulate things like that in one way or another.

I would advise against that due to the nature of PiTool. PiTool is just there to change your headset settings and can be turned off after doing so. What would be good instead would be to have functionality similar to what you already described (ie SteamVR or Oculus Home turning the headset on/off).