Additional comfort kit foam?

Is there any plan to add an additional facial foam for the comfort kit on the Pimax store ?

I got my coupon for downgrading from 8K to 5K+ after contacting the support, but it’s still more than the cost of the comfort kit, the protective sleeve and shipping.

An additional standard facial foam would be useless once I got the comfort kit, so I hoped we would be able to purchase another.


A little bump, after the holydays, just hoping to this being acknowledged.

In latest @SweViver video about the eye-tracking module at CES 2020, we saw a leathered comfort kit facial foam.


So I suppose there is hope for additional foam to be ordered.
I purchased a similar thing for the Vive at the time, which was way easier to clean/wipe after each use / in-between each player swap.

PS : maybe this whole thread should be moved to the “Accessories” section.