Add options to an order

I just ordered the 8K + on June 12. I just saw the options for Hand tracking and eye-tracking. I do not remember seeing them on the order form. Can I call the US support # to add them? or what can I do? is it too late to add them?

i’m not sure how that works, but since none of those modules are ready yet you’d practically be preordering them. so you may want to wait until they’re actually available.

You can use the Ticket or Chat function under the order and refer to the SO Number. Not sure if they can add it, but I believe if that would be the best way.

But I guess we will also hear some news about that on the Pimax Event some time in the very near future (±14 days).

@PimaxUSA - correct me if I am mistaken, I guess interest will be larger on the Eye tracking very soon

Dont think you can “preorder” hand and eye-tracking, was we that pledged in kickstarter that could do that.

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It would be better to wait for release. As Backers with eyetracking will likely receive first.

With Handtracking original backers and Pre orders from 2018 would be in que to receive first.

But as @MReis said you could file a ticket if you don’t mind what will likely be a lengthly wait as neither item has even a release date unveiled yet.


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