About deliver and responds

So I red through many many comments going on about 3-4 months and still haven’t received their pimax
and some say they got theirs after 15 business days
so here I am, submitted tickets hoping for responds, which they do not bother, ordered 7 days ago, and I got nothing in return other than 1k usd deductions out of my bank account for the 8k pimax headset,
If you were in this situation, would you continue to wait?
I’m thinking by March 5, if I do not get a shipment update or any sort of responds. I’m going to file a dispute on paypal, my order is P123XXX

I’m from Canada btw.

Look over this thread it is a summary of @PimaxVR interview with @mixedrealityTV.

Atm the team is swamped. I think your order should be fine.

Likely before the end of April or sooner.