About controllers

We have to choose between track pad and thumb stick because we get the survey already.

But it is not easy to choose those while we don’t know how the controllers work.
If I choose thumb stick, how could we know that all the game can be supported by thumb stick, or we have to buy the oculus version in valve store and use revive.

Can pimax give more details about thumb stick controller and please explain how the thumb stick can support the 4 direction on track pad. If oculus version use other button for some function in the game, so I am not sure that the vive version will use the same button on thumb stick like oculus touch or not.

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Yea I’m stuck here too. I feel I can’t decide yet


i have no idea what to choose

if you want my advice, pick trackpad.

You are either buying this as an upgrade to a vive, or as a device that competed with a vive first and foremost.
You should pick the controller that matches a vives closest to make sure in game controls match up as easily as possible.


Plus Valve knuckles will have trackpad also.

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yep thats what im getting at,pick the one closest to reference design .

I plan to buy valve knuckle later if pimax controller still not great like valve knuckle, then I will have 2 track pad controllers if I choose trackpad in survey, so thumb stick will has more benefit because I hope that it will better if use with the revive (felling like using oculus touch).

I want 1 thumb stick and 1 track pad, this will save my cost.
Problem is I don’t know when the valve knuckle will be released and dont’ know how great of pimax thumb stick .

I hope the controllers and the trackpad are of excellent quality, nothing like I’m seeing in windows mixed reality now. Even the current Vive controller has a good quality by what I see compared to the windows MR controls.

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honestly, if the knuckles are 30-50 usd more when they come out i will buy pimax controllers. i am done being fleeced.

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What I find unfortunate is that we have no idea how the controllers will look like.

@Pimax-Support @Matthew.Xu
Do you plan to show the controllers before committing the backers to the particular type, so we may have one last chance to change the pick before they are produced and shipped?

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There are somthing be different between pimax and valve knuckle.

The middle finger of pimax use button while valve use capsense.

If pimax confirm that the track pad version will be same the valve knuckle, may I buy both thumb stick and track pad controller of pimax.

There are less info for making the decision right now.

Infact pimax already have the stick controller in old prototype, but never know how it work.

I choose Trackpad, it seems that it will be the most compatible with Steam/Vive games. (Fallout 4 :D)

Grab the trackpad and pray it will be good quality. :slight_smile:
As a VR develloper, I have no plans to use physical thumbstick in any of my projects.
As a gamer, I have no plans to play VR-compatible games or use VorpX and Co… to play non-VR games.

And I think for playing “regular” games via VorpX, we can use a classic controller (Xbox/PS4/Logitech…) No ?