A quick point about Pimax 5K+ Black Dots

God damn they are annoying.

Anyways I played a LOT of Skyrim VR and a LOT of Elite Dangerous.

Both with either NPCs or UI/Planets with the colors that will produce them.

There seems to be a ‘whatever you call the opposite of a sweetspot’ somewhere between 0.4m to 1m where looking at someone and that person being your focus will produce the black dots or at least make them obvious. If you get really close to the subject your chances of noticing it decreases similarly if you are further away from your subject the pixelisation kicks in.

As for planetary bodies suns tend to be obvious factors because they are just one big shape that tends to be ‘approximately the same size’ until you go to supercruise at high speed.

I want to see if anyone else comes to the same or different conclusion.


I had similiar observations regarding the distance to a person in games and the black dots being visible on them or not in my testing of the 5K+.

Related paragraph from post linked above:

I found it really bad however when you are at a close, but not very close distance. When you are very close to the character’s face, then it isn’t easy to see. However, move back a bit and the character’s face has these black dots all over them and it is hilarious.

I’m waiting for my 8K and hoping I like it … at least it should not have the black dots.


If people want to know about feeling of looking at black dots, go to watch spiderman into spider-verse, lol.


that would be slightly exaggerated :laughing:
but they annoy me too from time to time. I didn’t come to a conclusion for some colour dependent pattern, sometimes it appears pretty strong on white backgrounds, sometimes on yellow/reddish, but other colours too. unicolor backgrounds are just not very comfortable to look at. I see them and i don’t like them. Skintones and so on. Nevertheless I have found out, that it depends very much on the distance and angle, your eyes are looking at the lenses. There is a distance sweetspot, when they become less apparent to nearly not seeing them at all. I am playing around with different foam cushions at the moment, because my face isn’t liking the distance to the lenses and ipd pinch design of the pimax very much. But You can find your own perfect fit for the facedesign. I’m sure of it. atm the 18mm distace is pretty much the best for me. I Keep testing.

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Depends on the games you play. I still like the headset.

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i had the 5k+ on loan and i noticed these dots too. But they didn’t bother me very much. We all got an over-analytical view because of the long waiting and marathon test evaluation :smiley:

My 8k does not have these dots.


So you went from using a 5k+ loaner to now an 8K? If so, you happier or still thinking fondly about that 5k+ experience and kinda wishin it was back in your life instead?

No I am using a Loaner 5K+ because I backed an 8KX.

So when the 8KX gets made I will be getting that and returning this.

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i only borrowed the 5k, shit automatic translator :smiley:

I like the 8k a bit better because of the colors, missing color banding (in Elite-Dangerous near suns), the higher brightness and the better black. And also the SDE is not lower, but different. No checkerboard pattern, but lots of small round pixels. But the differences are very small.


That is good to hear. Not many at all have touched on banding and in some titles especially in dark scenes this is an issue on the Rift and Vive. I had heard that the 5k+ was more susceptible to this vs the 8K but very little info on it is included in the reviews out.

That’s unfortunate. I’m glad I chose the 8K. Of course, I may change my tune after I’ve used it for a while.