A possible fix for eye strain

I was playing around and this seemed to work for me.

Go into this SteamVR Folder


And edit the setting highlighted in yellow.

The default will read - “ipd”: 0.063,

Change this to “ipd”: 1.63,

Save and exit. Then manually set your Pimax HMD IPD wheel to match - 63mm.

If you use a larger or smaller IPD then edit the file number to match the wheel number.

Let us know how you get on.



If you can help by posting links in ipd issue threads to help exposure for folks to try. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


0.063 is in meters so it is 63 mm. When you change it to 1.63 it is again in meters. So how exactly “it does work for you”? Can you describe the effect? I am really curious because it should not do anything (https://community.openmr.ai/t/pimax-native-projection-and-pre-lens-warp-transformation/15775/19) as this setting is not used at all.


Wow… pretty basic script system
i guess it’s for the best for tweaking, for everyone.


Whenever I tried to change ipd-offset values in that file my Gigabyte 1080ti freezes and I need to switch the pc off for a minute

So does this actually work then or is it perhaps placebo?

It could be placebo. That’s why I said ‘possible’ and asked others to try it out. When I tried Onward after this hack I thought there was less eye strain and the vignette between the eyes when you get shot looked less. This could be down to the devs modding the game for Pimax though.

Testing for eye strain is very subjective.


I tried this a few weeks ago. It doesn’t work for me.


It does not work me neither… Besides, this solution would be only for Steam games, what about Oculus games? We need a better solution inside PiTool like a slider or similar.

I tryied it with many other settings and also played around with the ipdoffset but nothing changed. I’m pretty sure it’s placebo.

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ipdOffset works with vive / vive pro ( I needed to adjust it down by -3mm for gear lens mod on vive pro ) as it edits the steamvrsettings file in the users/accountname/AppData/local/openvr/steamvr.vrsettings file , edited from the console at

to reduce ipd by 3mm enter settings steamvr.ipdOffset -.003
to reduce ipd by 2.5mm enter settings steamvr.ipdOffset -.0025
default is steamvr.ipdOffset .0

Doesn’t do anything to the pimax or Wmr headsets though

Indeed, also if i change the setting file in the pimax folder it doesn’t nothing. Would, like to change the world scale, because everything is 20% bigger than it should be.

Sorry to hijack this thread but please can people who suffer eye strain and blur issue try the following.

1.Dial the IPD wheel as low as it can go and more without breaking it. I managed 58.7mm.
2. Turn Parallel Projection and FFR OFF (very important) and use Normal FOV.
3. Boot up a game that works with those parameters such as SkyrimVR (ignore the load screens).
4. Adjust HMD on face in game until it looks sharp and in focus with both eyes open. Probably shifting it higher on one’s face. Make sure it’s not too tight either as pressure on the sinuses area might contribute to headache.
5. Play for 30 minutes.

Report back here if you suffer any eye strain or fatigue.


I found that using the small FOV was more confortable for me.
Can people experiencing eye strain give it a try and report back?

I might agree with PCARS 2 at least. Just spent 20 minutes racing with good clarity on text and no strain. However, small FOV is not why I backed the Pimax 8K. I think if more games can run with PP OFF then for me that is a better solution. However, for the games that do require PP on then maybe as you suggest lowering the FOV to small might be a temp solution. I still believe the lens spacing is the real issue and a hardware adjustment is required - as in a replacement lens housing.

@RobCram aren’t you having some weird sh*t going on in the outer edges with the PP OFF? Edit. In SkyrimVR
Thats what I’m seeing, kinda watery effect when turning my head.
Pitool 109. Too bad, could use some more FPS which PP OFF would offer, but the watery effect forces me to use the PP compatibility.
Edit. actually it seems to be the objects popping and hopping issue and the Hidden Area Mask option seems to be no effect, only the PP is the cure.


I am using a thicker face foam which means it’s barely noticeable. However, I just tried Skyrim VR for 20 minutes with the same settings but left the ipd at my measured 64mm as suggested by another user. It seems everything is pretty clear, so I really don’t know what to think. I will still test this over a longer play session and with game that requires PP ON.


After trying watching 2D content using DeoPlayer. There seems to be an alignment issue with the focus in one eye playing havoc with comfort levels which leads me to believe that in my case. The IPD setting might need to be adjusted depending on the content viewed. In some instances 64mm setting seems fine, and in others 59mm is better. I am really trying to get a bead on this but I am doubting a one size fits all solution will work for me.

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