A global communications personel Pimax is in need

So i built a new pc around the end of last year and figured what better time to hop into VR. After researching i stumbled on Pimax and figured you know what, i will go for what i hope to soon be the best on the market. I still believe that’s the case but, the forum post and based on my own email with pimax, the communication is definitely subpar.

I do not know if they just don’t understand the value of a communication personnel especially from a consumers perspective. Information is a big key in loyal consumer retention. 2 big faux pas that went down

  1. launching a product with countdown then go on 1 week plus holiday with no one to respond to practically anyone

  2. well the no response

even if products are delayed, letting consumers who order know with some form of communication. Even a general by weekly status email
helps greatly.

Maybe they forget that international consumers buying into their product do get anxious cause you know, you order something for over $500 from a start up company across the globe? none the less communication builds trust and Pimax i do hope you take note.

As of today i can only hope that whatever ships by feb 21st actually means that it means something and a pre-ordered product actually shows up sooner than much later. I honestly don’t want to get into a situation of canceling my pre-order because i don’t here back.

I still believe in Pimax so i do hope they prove me right for doing so.



I preordered on october and my headset is being delivered today.

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Oh wow about 5 months huh and were you being updated? i pre-ordered roughly 2 and a half weeks or so prior to them going on new years. I am located in North East US

I can only hope they inform me of any changes as i pre-ordered based on the pre-order now and “Ship by Feb 21st”

Anyhow congratz hope you’re enjoying it and hope it’s everything you wanted in a new HMD.


What I find interesting is that the “Order today, ship by 21st Feb” date isn’t changing even though more and more orders get placed… Surly that date should keep getting later and later the more orders get placed right? Since it takes X time to create Y amount of headsets so when it reaches Z amount of orders then after that point it will be a day later before a new headset can be made.

EDIT:- What I mean is with the way it currently is with the date not changing with more orders it implies that every single backer and pre-order will be shipped by the 21st of Feb which is logistically impossible… What if 100 orders get placed today? Where is this new magical creation time comping from?


Def cant say i disagree on that and the website has not even updated countdown been @ zero

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I preordered the day after it went live and I have no shipping notification or tracking number. My order status still says unfulfilled on the website.

I’m in Canada. P121X

I got my tracking number after i got my headset. I believe they use fedex for canada. Make an account and they will notify you when a package is being delivered without needing a tracking number.

okay well ima ping them one more time to hopefully know if my order will still ship this week. if i don’t hear sound by weeks end then unfortunately i am going to cancel my order and just wait till they hopefully get their act together and maybe by then xtall or a competitor company can showcase a product and meet consumer standards communications

Turns out my address info was missing a phone number so they couldn’t ship it to me. (I don’t know why a phone number is necessary to ship a package to my address but whatever). Hopefully I don’t have to wait too much longer.