$999 8K X full package- Last one remaining... Well Done!

I almost went for the X, but I want it sooner rather than later so went for the 8K full package instead.
Good luck to the last purchaser!

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For a minute I saw an 8K-X early bird package! I was pretty surprised. Was about to post when i refreshed the page one more time and it was gone heh.


Thank You!


Lol, on another note I just saved $50 on an 8K package cuz one of the early bird 8K pledgers backd out… thx my dude :smiley:


Damn it, missed it, gotta be quick :wink:

Thanks for the hint… I didn’t know I could change pledges… I refreshed a couple of times and found an early bird available and picked it up… I now have a $749 pledge for $799… hmm…

I would be too scared to get an early one. If there are early manufacturing issues, I would rather not send it back to China and then wait 3 months for repair.

Score of the century! Just what I’ve been hanging out for

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They’ll have shipped well over 1000 by the time I get mine… That should at least give them an eyes up on any “speed gate” “antenna gate” “coating gate” “bend gate” issues… (I’m referring to the flaws in each of the iPhone 3, 4, 5 and 6 which were fixed in the s model.)

I just did the same not long ago. Saw an 8k full package early bird available so snapped it up.
I did have just the 8k early bird headset on its own and have been thinking I need the base stations and the controllers also.
This way works out cheaper provided I don’t get stung with import duty.
Puts me just over $1000.00AUD @$1027.00AUD.
Hopefully the shipping cost won’t be added to the total which would put me under $1000.00AUD limit.

Shipping costs are usually included in calculations… But gotta hope it all arrives by July 2018.

I wonder when it will ship. It says February… but is that just a static date that hasn’t changed or is it calculated?

Just did a trip around the internet and ended up on Whirlpool.
Apparently provided the goods are under $1000.00AUD then shipping charges are not included.
I managed to score the $749USD Early Bird 8k full package which at current exchange rates is $975.50AUD.
This is without the $40USD Shipping.

Hopefully they will ship way before July of next year,


Sorry my mistake I forgot they include shipping in calculations only after you are over the threshold

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Finally made your choice eh?
I picked the 8k simply because there are far too many unknowns with the 8k X, and I won’t be upgrading my video card for a few years.

My brother gifted me a 1080ti :grin:
So, I only have to upgrade my motherboard, processor, and RAM sometime next year.