9-Axis Slight Horizon Tilt

So I don’t use lightbox hardware. As I mostly do seated Racing Sim VR stuff with dedicated FFB sim equipment I haven’t yet invested in all the rest of the stuff I need to do motion capture etc. I will someday, but I keep putting it off while the hardware matures.

Anyway, I just use the built-in 9-Axis and when I do play Skyrim VR or Fallout 3 or something through vorpX I use the XBox controller and it’s been just great.

I’ve been having a problem with my 5K+ in that the horizon is tilted slightly to the right however, and it seems to be slowly getting worse. I’ve tried calibrating repeatedly, but to no avail. Possibly I could tilt the HMD slightly during calibration to get it to calibrate correctly? Is there a manual setting hiding somewhere I can edit? At a guess it’s tilted about 1 or 2 degrees all the time. It’s most noticeable in titles that have clearly defined horizontal lines that should be perfectly level but aren’t.

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I am not sure. By calibrate are you using calibrate Horizon in pitool? Haven’t tried it myself.

If you are it might be an idea to file a support ticket and see what they say. As they might be able to schedule a remote session to diagnose and maybe recalibrate the sensors on a deeper level.

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