8KXVIP support - suggested using toilet paper when the thick face foam wasn't thick enough

From pimax support via freshdesk.com

I’m very sorry, we don’t produce thicker face foam at the moment. Can you use toilet paper to stop the light leak?
(name redacted)

Not sure if it was meant in jest, or out of frustration? Surely it’s not a serious suggestion.
I have both the thin and thick face foams. The thick one is not thick enough. Light enters on the sides (not just because of the holes for glasses). This was never a problem with the Vive or Samsung O+


Can you imagine oculus, htc or valve saying something like this? Just not on


not sure what kind of answer your hoping to get when you open a ticket saying that the thickest foam they make isnt thick enough for you.

It shouldn’t be required to have to mod your headset, but I suggest doing what I did: Build up layers of double-sided Velcro between the cowling and the foam pad. Since it sticks to itself you can add (or remove) layers as needed.

Like this:

For more info:


I bought a thicker version from VRmust.
It’s a bit too thick, but strangely, both the thin foam that came with the 8kx and the aftermarket one work fine for me.
I do fine with the VR must that puts my eyes further away from the lenses and it makes my FOV seem smaller. Although the image is pretty good, I’m always aware of the edges of the HMD. With a thinner foam the FOV seems wider and the edges less intrusive.
I’d probably recommend the VR must for you. If I had the skills I unpacked the form out of it and replace the form with a half inch of Confor aircraft foam. It will actually mould to your face as it warms up. I put it in the seats of my MGB as it is both comfortable and provides much greater protection to the spine on a really bumpy road. We certainly have a lot of those where I live.


well its fitting because they are treating you like crap.


Lol you couldn’t make it up.


Do you must use used or unused toilet paper?

Either way it’s crappy solution lol. Especially on a $1300 device.


I would only suggest used toilet paper - it sticks way better than the dry one!


How about leather toilet paper to avoid sweat issues?


Is that for the face or…? :crazy_face::poop:


I’m sorry for the customer service’s inappropriate reply. Could you please tell me your ticket number? I think it’s the customer service’s negligence


This was just via email. No ticket number in it.

Thank you Neal for the excellent suggestion!

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Roger that, Sir, and what are your problems, you are welcome to submit the ticket and tell me the ticket number, and we will answer and resolve your questions again, thank you

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Great now getting a customer service rep in trouble for trying to be helpful. :roll_eyes:

Hello Sir, have you submitted a ticket? The customer service replied that I hope to contact you as soon as possible. If you receive a thin mask, you can get a thick mask

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Yes. #9346

This is my original email:

Hi. I have received the face foam - and the eye tracker. :slight_smile:

But, the new face foam - even if it is thicker - there is still a gap on each side of my face where light comes in.

Is it possible to get an even thicker face foam? In the future? The problem is primarily on the sides. Even if I cover the eye glass holes, it’s not enough. Thickness in the front part can be unchanged, but maybe 0,5 cm thicker on each side.
Yes, I have a small head. :smiley: I hope this is helpful for your customer feedback, and I hope you can also help me.

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Well if you use the Pimax on the toilet and you run out of toilet paper just reach up.

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