8KX: We plan to ship all KS orders, upgrades and pre-orders before the end of September. Really?

8KX: We plan to ship all KS orders, upgrades and pre-orders before the end of September. We are still on track to do so.

Are you really are on track (what you have promised before 5 Days…)???


It’s the 9th of September, so they’ve got 21 days (3 weeks) to go… :wink:


They have loads of time sep 2021 !!! :joy:


Or 2022 could also be end of September with Pimax.


Every single time they say something, they’ve never kept their word. It tells me that theres something fundamentally flawed with the way Pimax calculates their timelines. Maybe it’s a Chinese tradition to severely over-estimate things?


It is not their miscalculation but our misperception…

How many times does Pimax have to fail, before Pimax learns something? We are still counting. Running out of hands.


Come on, this time it’s credible. Pimax claims to have produced all the headsets, and is presumably just backlogged on fulfillment.

Meanwhile, a few 8kX units are even showing up on eBay at reasonable prices, so anyone really desperate should be able to get one.

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It’s easy for someone like you who has already had an 8KX for months to nonchalantly tell other people that it’s no big deal that Pimax keeps delaying shipments. I don’t believe they’ll ship all headsets before the end of the month but I hope to be proven wrong.


While it’s true that I have been very fortunate to have early access to an 8kX, it’s not really fair to say that’s why I might think Pimax delays are somehow ok.

I have been pretty upfront for a very long time about my reasoning.

Pimax has long continued to be the first company pushing VR technology where it needs to be. No other company is creating headsets that even approach practical human vision angular resolution or FOV.

Without Pimax, we would be left with just the Index and Reverb now, not even the 5k+. If that were the case, then I would be much less happy. So I’m grateful Pimax is doing the innovating, and if that means some delays, delays are a lot better than nothing at all.

Without Pimax headsets, a lot of the stuff I have developed and learned to do in VR would never have happened.


Also, I find it ironic that some of the loudest complaints about delays have come from people who have now already sold their 8kX headsets.


Why ironic, maybe it wasn’t as good as it’s been hyped up to be, maybe after all the waiting and misinformation people just wanted to get as far away as possible from Pimax. I can totally relate to that tbh.

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Why ironic? Because there is nothing to trade up to from an 8kX right now.

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There is a trade up if the 8KX doesn’t work for you for some reason (distortion, comfort etc) or if the whole experience with Pimax (support, communication etc) has left you wanting a company you know you can deal with in a far less painful way should something go wrong in the future. For me having a product i know i can get a decent level of support for post sale compared to what we’ve seen historically here is 100% a trade up. Not everyone is as smitten as you are with Pimax, you’ve had an 8KX for months now so won’t be able to relate to the frustration those that are still waiting have. Personally for what i’ve paid if my 8KX arrives and it’s not what i deem to be value for money or the level of product the price point indicates it’ll be sold in a heart beat and i’ll trade up to a G2.


The G2 is the only possible competition to Pimax right now, and for me, it would mean going back to blinders-on the way it was with the Oculus/Vive.

Speaking of the G2, it is the only headset I would really like to see for comparison purposes. Would be particularly interested to see how the lens sweet spot really compares with the latest version of the G2.

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If you only look at it from a technical perspective yes. But given past performance in every other respect Pimax has huge competition and fails by a large margin.

Hmm I must have missed those, I check Ebay a lot and whenever one appears, it sells for $1800+.

As you have been enjoying your 8k-X for months I think you don’t realize how frustrating it is to wait 10 months on your ‘pre-order’ and then when they finally start shipping out, you have to watch every day that they’re sending out pre-order numbers higher than yours, while yours still isn’t shipping out. And it’s not just me, we have @jocool and @Yata_PL and several orders with 4xxx order numbers and we’re all still waiting. Meanwhile Pimax is giving weekly updates with no real info at all, so we have really no clue as to how things really are going. If they want to keep it a secret how many pre-orders there are, they could at least talk about percentages, but no, all we’re getting is weekly updates that are not really updates at all.

And then every day you wake up, check your mail, check the pimax store, see no update and then read here on the forum how they shipped out some 5xxx order … Man its really driving me crazy. And then you come here, telling us we should just relax and that ‘delays are better than nothing at all’ and things like that. It’s really not helping, Matthew. IF you want to help, go ask the team in China why they haven’t shipped out the 4xxx orders and are now shipping out 5xxx. Now THAT would be helpful.

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If they don’t start shipping out 4xxx orders in a week, that might be a good question to ask again.

From some of the commentary here, it may also be possible you just did not receive a tracking number, and the headset is already in transit.

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I’ve been asking @PimaxQuorra a few times already, but no answer at all


I am not sure when will be the “autumn festival” holiday in China this year but I do know the fact that it’s just around the corner and it will last almost two weeks. If my 8KX doesn’t ship before the end of September, I will be frustrated for another delay.