8kx vs 5k+ and rift s?

Im tinking upgrade from 5k+ to 8kx

i have a rift s, and for me this headset its much better almost in everything than 5k+, i was disappointed with the distortion, the wobble effect in edges when move the head, the mura effect that put the darks completly gray in edges,my glasses touch the screen and always afraid to scratch the lens. I see the different rings in lens. I try to change ipd, improves but i see it and it distracts. how the 8kx its compared to 5k+ or rift s?


Are you using the 5k+ with the latest PiTool and firmware? Distortion has imho improved a lot over the last months, to a point where I don’t realize it anymore if I don’t specifically look for it. I use the normal FoV, not large - imho the best compromise, clearer image (because higher supersampling settings become possible), almost no visible distortions.
Can’t tell you whether the 8kX is better than the Rift S because I haven’t tested either.
PT is Portugal, right? Is there someone who offers something like the MRTV experience in your region? Or some Pimax roadshow? Personal A/B comparison would probably give you the best answer, your preferences might vary from others.


i have the pitool v1.0.1.197 and firmware i cant see right now but i thinks its one of the last ones. i never see much diference in distortion between updates for me the worst its wobble effect and diferent rings in lens. its not natural. I live in portugal, vr in this country its very bad and little known. i like my rift s, but i wanted something for the new and more powerfull pc that i will buy in future. but if the distortions/lens and screen are so bad like 5k+ i think i will wait .

I think distortion could be fix by MAS

Ok, .197 is the last stable release, yes. Which revision of the 5k+ do you have? Does the serial number start with 202, 203 or 204? Afaik the lenses are the same for all 5k+, but the screens are better in the non-202 revisions. I have a 5k+ 203 and don’t realize any wobble. (Latest game I played was e.g. Titanic VR - looks good imho!) Is it always the case or only with specific software?

As @Marco wrote, the Comfort kit leads to a bigger distance to the lenses, so distortions and usage with glasses should be better for 8k X also for large FoV. (Have personally not tested an 8k X yet)

If there is absolutely no chance to test one in your area - perhaps buy one and sell it again in case you don’t like it? With the Alyx hype selling for a good price might not be too difficult. The new vs used price difference could be about what you’d have to pay for an airplane ticket to a roadshow. And that way you could do an elaborated test at home. Just a thought.

The serial number starts with 203. but stil i have whobble in edges when i move the head. what its last firmware of the headset? i like the sweetspot of the pimax, but the rings in the midlle its distracting. testing the pimax headsets in portugal its impossible, people here dont care about vr :frowning:

some people say that 8kx have less distortions, but how we can be sure? the lens of the 8kx are the same of 5k+

5k+ and afaik also 8k X use fresnel lenses, so the rings are part of the concept. I have the original Vive and for the 5k+ these rings (and “god rays” etc.) are a lot less disturbing imho. But it’s there, sure.

Perhaps you can wait for the test of a reviewer you trust (that came to the same conclusions as you up to now).

when i talked about the rings its the diference between lens . the line red its what i see. in black games its not so visible because the lines are black

That sound more like either FFR Issue or a game problem- some games have these pop in effects - could be that PiTool can help but not sure.

What settings and what games?

I don’t have any distortion I am aware of in my 5 k ( wrong/distorted geometry) but FFR can produce such effects depending on the game and some games I have sometimes have objects pop in in the very outer sides.

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what i see in the middle are black lines. in the first rift i see in the nose, the pimax 5k+ i see two black lines in all games and in all settings, in rift s and lenovo explorer dont see it. i dont know if its a issue. i have a gtx 1080 , i7 6700k, 16gb ram

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I don’t have these black lines either. Sounds odd. Perhaps you could send Pimax through the lense photos if you have the equipment to make some?


Hmm Black Lines Sound strange . Can you dry a different usb and DisplayPort?
If that changes nothing I would suggest opening a ticket - never had black lines…

I get the center ‘oval’ effect when my IPD is set too low. Pimax is annoyingly finnicky about getting the IPD right, and the knob isnt the best quality… sometimes you turn it and nothing on the display shows until you’ve definitely moved the lenses at least 1mm. Once it’s dialed in i just leave that alone

when i talk about the black line, are the black vertical lines caused by overlapping lenses. in rift i see one, but in pimax i see two maybe because large fov? in explorer and rift s that dont have ipd change i dont see it. very strange

yeah maybe its that, i tried, sometimes they disapper but for seconds. maybe the foam its not the best for me

So you see the borders of the lenses as black lines in the overlap area? Perhaps there is dust involved?

I see this if im not close enough to the lenses, maybe you need to decrease you distance from your eyes to the lenses.
Play around with the HMD on your face, in example push it up and down, move it closer to your face.

Ive done that at the start and thats what gave me a very good picture, you have to find a spot that works for you. Also play around with the IPD and SOFTWARE IPD.
That made also a very huge difference.

I moved the lenses so that I dont see any black lines and no rings (it was uncomfortable for my eyes though because of wrong IPD) and then I set up my Software IPD in Pitool to match my real IPD.
After that there was no more eyestrain and it looked way better !

I cant decrease the distance because my glasses already touch the lens, its realy hard to find a spot. i have a good sweet spot vision and almost never have eystrain, much better than rift s, but i cant disappear with the lens effects. i dont know if 8kx will be better in this.

i have other question im trying to play the vanishing of ethan carter vr, but the resolution its horrible pitool its 1 and steam at 100% .

I see a bunch of people saying that, but I am doubtful. The MAS does not give you a way to move the HMD closer or further away from the users eyes like vive’s or index do. Would love to be wrong, but not sure I want to spend 1K to find that out. My 5k+ sits in dust because not matter what I did the optics did not feel right (and I have a 64 ipd!) I also feel that wobble effect, less in Normal FOV but still there. For me the Index blows the 5k+ optics out of the water. (though I miss that sweet FOV!)