8KX Review (V 2.0)

So… its been a while… 1 and 3/4 years.

Straight and to the point, outline is via a … “point”… “system”? (score… cant remember the word)

[Its the Highest res, at the lowest price (still twice the oculus and index… but ok)

The compatibility is equivalent

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    "I have little access to modifying the firmware and the SOC. (as of yet)
    but XDA are made of rooting GODs

USB C port in the bottom is quite handy. (an inline power source is needed to power any hub tho)(not a big deal)

Customer support… but some of the people are cool, so… + 1
The result is neutral

Overall, with the exception of the bulk (which i could give a shiz)… The headset is adequately engineered for this, best defined as “Superuser”

The only mods I had to make involved the shizzit optical cable i bought, and a double layer of 2 sided velcro to prop up the front just under the eyes.


-1 I cant find replacement parts
And this is a big one…
If I cannot find parts to fix on this headset (relatively cheap) My next headset will be something i build.
If I have to buy a whole new headset, im getting an HP RV v2. Until i feel like re-soldering anything.

±… not relevant…
But I typed this without taking my headset off.
I didnt know i could touchtype characters


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