8kX Power State & Connector

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Hi @mirage335

This part is just plain wrong, sorry but you have to rephrase it.
If you do not, some will leave their 8Kx powered ON by mistake, this could in worst case en up with BurnIn on the displays, has happend to 2 untill now IIRC.

While powered, but not displaying anything (ie. the computer is off), there are some spots that are very slightly warm, but not hot.

If the 8Kx has the USB3 plug connected and the USB port is powered but pc is off then the 8Kx will not power off.
Only if you long-press the power button untill the LED lights up Bright RED it will power OFF and not get hot



For me, the 8kX going into power off state - with the LED indicator red - is happening automatically.

I have never had a Pimax headset which leaves the displays powered on, unless the computer it is connected to is turned on with PiTool actually running.

That said, if anyone does have a headset that leaves the displays powered on when not actively in use… yes that could be a major problem and the headset needs to be powered off to prevent burn-in or at least unnecessary LED backlight wear.

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I give up, just let your post be as it is, let other people who reads and follows your word, who eventually will end up with a defective 8Kx be on your conscience :crazy_face:

There are 2 stages of RED LED on the 8Kx
Faint RED = standby
Bright RED = power off

Sorry for sounding harsh, but when you are wrong, you are wrong :grin:



@Eagleshadow had this problem. It is well documented now as there are several users who have screen burnin of the pimax logo.

This was also a known issue on p1 headsets.


Ok, ok! So this can be a problem for some users, with some headsets, etc. I will note that in an edit to my original post…

For the particular units I have however - my 5k+, the NOT FINAL 8kX, and this PRODUCTION 8kX - none of them have any of these issues. That stands.

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If yours is different it suggests deviation in 8kX models very early in release.

So im curious now, when powering off your pc, does the LED turn “faint RED” or Bright RED ? is the chevron backlight turned on ?
Please try, and if you are unsure which one it is, try holding down the powerbutton on the 8Kx for a little less than 5 seconds, then it will enter Power Off state.


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Regarding the PRODUCTION 8kX unit…

PC Powered off = LED faint RED, Chevron Backlight On and Green
Power button Pressed to enter Power Off state (regardless of PC state) = LED Bright RED
Power button Pressed AGAIN to enter Power ON state (with PC still off) = LED faint RED, Chevron Backlight On and Green


Then your 8Kx is behaving exactly like every other.
And what you have written is wrong as I expected, if you have an IR probe you can test it your self.


Ok, I think I see where this might have been ambiguous and have edited the wording of my original post.

From your statements, it seems anyone in the habit of turning off their computers (or at least disabling PiTool) when not in use for VR, should be ok.

Basically, you are saying the Pimax headsets do not have a ‘sleep’ mode based on lack of motion as do the Oculus and Vive headsets.

Personally, I remember when some power management stuff (probably on the SteamVR side) caused the Pimax 5k+ to go into some kind of sleep mode if it hadn’t been used for a minute seconds or so, often with disastrous impact on tracking. This was very frequently very irritating, and I much prefer to just remember to power off the headset.

Screen burn in is a potentially serious issue for OLED headsets though. I think the best mitigation for now is to replace the static Pimax logo display with a moving image (ie. a literal screensaver).

@SweViver Can we get the static Pimax logo display replaced by a literal screensaver, or at least a few slightly different images displayed randomly, to prevent burn in on OLED displays?

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@Alex.liu and I have been discussing this to change pitool to support Gif pics to allow for animated pics. The burnin is also an issue on LCD panels though usually can be reversed. @Eagleshadow created a negative image of the pimax logo and ran it for quite awhile to remove the burnin.

Afterwards he replaced the image with a blank one.

If pimax changes this fundamentally to support sbs images/animated as an internal viewer with user selectable content it can be beneficial for ipd setup as well.

One problem though as we know they increased the storage on the 8kX for firmware. There maybe space constraints for how big an image can be uploaded to the headset. So multiple images for example might not be feasible as pitool uploads changes to the headset including the logo image.

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IIRC, Virtual Desktop can send SBS content to the headset without tracking.

An IPD tester also requires pixel-perfect alignment of the test image, to get the best possible angular resolution, which is best done with a standalone app and some good calculations…

Folks were also using steamvr media player. A sbs image in the pimax default image removes the need to use a 3rdparty program. Which is better for new users not to have purchase a 3rdparty program and makes pimax’s software more complete out of the box.

@neelrocker created an ipd setup using VD that simulates the Oculus version. It should be in the Table of Content Wiki.

I have seen some of the IPD testers others have created for the Pimax headsets. What has been awaiting release for a while now relies on a fundamental principle to achieve the best results…

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It still comes down to the ipd setup should be apart of pitool without the need to install 3rdparty aps. This is a core need for any VR headset to have a good built in setup.

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… Pimax Experience…

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Indeed PE Launcher is a major step in the right direction. Hopefully pimax is really seeing the value this is adding for there brand as it rivals both SteamVR and Oculus interfaces.

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I thought I had made it clear enough :grin: and I have not even mentioned PiTool.

If you power off you computer, and do not have ErP enabled in Bios then chances of your USB ports onboard that is… are powered is high. In this scenario (your self included by your tests that I asked you to do) will have an 8Kx that is powered on in “Standby” mode, the screens and backlight is powered off (by the looks of it) but the rest of the electronics are powered On and the chevron is lit. you can measure the heat yourself with an IR proble if you do not believe me.
So the 8Kx will get allmost as hot to the touch as when in operation (with current backlight settings locked at minimum) this is what alot of people have experienced and reported here in the forums. I have litteraly sat besides my 8Kx with an IR probe and measured my 8Kx going from uplugged to standby mode and waited untill it reached max temp, the result is as mentioned earlier allmost the same as operating temps.

When in “standby” mode and PiTool / services recognises the 8Kx via USB and DP signal it powers ON automatically, thus the screens and backlight turns on as well displaying the Pimax Logo and star backdrop.
So if one does not manually power off the 8Kx by long pressing the powerbutton after use, you will probably forget it about it and one day turn on you PC and you precious 8Kx if not in use will sit there with the Pimax screen burning in… and who would want that ?

Am I making sence now ?