8kx..one day into set up

So far the 8kx is proving a bit of a challenge… but there are some positives!
1.Great packaging- looks really professional and classy.
2. The headset is sturdy and very easy to hook up.
3. I might be the only player in the pimax gang that the MAS actually fits! By loosening the strap and resetting to as long a length as is practical I can place the tightening knob low on the back of my head.

Not so positive:
1.Pitools only recognizes both my base stations periodically. This can make the image very unstable and jittery.
2. I have yet to have a real Wow! Moment. I don’t see any distortion at the edges, but running an old 1080 gpu means the only sims I’ve got working so far are pretty lo res. I did grt dcs going , but it looked kind of ‘meh’ and the framerate was brutal.
So far then, about what I expected. As I sort out the best ipd and hmd position I’m sure the image quality will improve.
Once I get a new GPU, I’ll start cooking with gas on the 8kx!


Have you updated your SteamVR settings? @BNP made a script that will update some of the settings that cause issues with the Pimax headsets. Note that you will need to run it again occasionally as SteamVR gradually changes the settings back to default.

Alternatively, most/all of the functionality of the script is built into the latest Pimax Experience Beta.

I haven’t seen this on the forums a few times but haven’t seen a solution posted. It might be best to make a support ticket but most of the support team is on holiday for the next week or so.

Holiday Dates
Mid-Autumn Festival Thu, Oct 1, 2020
Golden Week Oct 1 – 7, 2020
National Day of the People’s Republic of China Oct 1 – 8, 2020

Some support staff are staying in the office during the holiday. Responses will be slower but won’t stop.


Can we possibly get the DMAS update before this holiday?

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Thanks! I’m going to try the script for steam and work on the base stations today. I’m fully retarded… er… retired these days and i have a bit more time available.


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