8KX LED wont change

I cant change the led front colour, its always green.
Does anyone else exp. it?


Although not disclosed. The front led might no longer be RGB. A few have noted this on Artisan and 5k+ blue housings.

Also the company in the EU that can swap your housing to a vision one said you’d lose the rgb front light.



thats actually disappointing since its a highclass HMD. The Green doesnt look good for me with the blue housing.


I’d say that it’s more than disappointing. This is Pimax’s top-of-the-line headset. It’s not the one which should have features removed. The top USB port was bad enough, but that apparently was a required change, due to component size issues.

I really dislike the green. One of my complaints about my 8K is that it always resets to green, no matter how many times I’ve changed the color in PiTool. If Pimax decided to make it single-color, green would be my very last choice. I’d even prefer black (off).


True the option to simply switch off at times would be nice.

Agreed not sure why they would remove a pretty inexpensive component as many like RGB led lighting and in some places like Arcades or shows could be an eye catcher. Especially with the effect shown on the v2 prototype.

The top Usb maybe though think it is likely more related things like the usb 2 fiasco on the earlier models. 7invensun has stated pimax didn’t implement a proper standard usb-c(3) port; though at the same time it seems there usb-c cable is not standard either judging by @Raujok’s testing on his pc with an nvme drive.


I can see the LED going off when trying to change the colour. Guess Green is the only colour.


when choosing aquamarine the light of the led actually becomes a little brighter. i thought it was just a low priority bug, but i guess it could be just another one of those weird pimax desissions.


This! I so want this, just a simple option to turn it off.

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